de Havilland Tiger Moth 120 - 76" ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control RC Airplane
  • de Havilland Tiger Moth 120 - 76" ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control RC Airplane
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de Havilland D.H Tiger Moth - 120 Giant Scale Radio Remote Control RC Bi-Plane ARF RC Bi-Plane "A charming touring plane that's almost ready to fly."

Derived from the highly successful D.H. 60 Moth series of civilian aircraft that included the famous Gypsy Moth, the de Havilland D.H. 82A Tiger Moth is the quintessential British biplane trainer. The Tiger Moth has long been popular with modelers, and now with our low low price, you can, too, be own a part of this fascinating history.  Our Tiger Moth 120 is a Almost-Ready-to-Fly model, built with all balsa and plywood.  All parts are precovered with our quality film coating material.  IMAA-legal dimensions contribute to its realistic flight characteristics and enhance the plane's incredible attention to detail. Whether you're a serious scale aircraft builder or an aspiring r/c sport flier—or both—you will be thrilled to own and pilot one of the world's most beautiful plane!

ARF Tiger Moth

Top quality balsa and plywood construction
All wood constructions with fiberglass parts
Trimmed and painted cowling by fuel proof paint
Hand iron-on color film covering
Comes with all hardware and accessories

Wing span: 76in / 1930mm
Wing area: 1830sq in / 118 sq dm
Flying weight: 9.0lb / 4086g
uselage length: 65.5 in / 1664 mm
Engine Required: 4c 1.40cu in
Radio Required: 4 channels,5 servos


  • High-quality hardware is included for convenience.

  • Best suited for the power and realistic sound of a 4-stroke engine, but will also fly well on a 2 cc engine within the recommended range.

  • Dual aileron servos simplify assembly, and deliver more precision and authority to flying maneuvers.

  • Ready for flight in as little as 20-25 hours. Most of the interlocking, all-wood parts have already been assembled into easy-to-assemble sections


Takeoffs for the Tiger Moth 120 are very easy, even in slight crosswinds, and require very little rudder correction. Scale takeoffs are best achieved by slowly advancing the throttle and holding a bit of up-elevator as the model starts to roll. Even with only a lO mph headwind, the model will lift off within a few feet when you apply full power. Turns require a bit of coordinated rudder, especially during the climb-out.

The model is capable of amazingly slow flight. Though not dramatic, deployment of the leading-edge slats enhances slowspeed control. The Tiger Moth could never be mistaken for a jungmeister, but it is nevertheless quite capable of many aerobatic maneuvers. Really nice loops, stall turns and wingovers are all easily within its capability, though its roll performance leaves something to be desired. Even with differential aileron and the judicious use of the rudder, an alarmingly slow barrel roll is the best that I can achieve.

The Tiger Moth was very popular back in the days, and its work has inspired many replicas of its kind.  Now NitroModels is proud to bring you one of the best radio controlled tiger moth model in the world at 120 size! Have a 4-stroke engine ready and you, too, can relive a part of history!

Technical Help:  Tiger Moth 120 Center of Gravity : New Updated Manuals