HC- Hobby MiG-29 EDF Electric Twin 55mm Ducted Fans w/ Brushless Motor, ESC & Lipo Battery Ready to Fly RTF Camo Version
  • HC- Hobby MiG-29 EDF Electric Twin 55mm Ducted Fans w/ Brushless Motor, ESC & Lipo Battery Ready to Fly RTF Camo Version
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HC Hobby has reveal an impressive innovative fast and fearsome MiG-29 EDF ready to fly jet right out of the box. You donít need to purchase any other parts to get this jet to fly. The MiG-29 can reach up to some outrageous speed of 75+ mph because it is super light weight construction and its detailed design is sure to make heads turn. It may look plain to the untrained eye but the slick stealthy design gives it that characteristic that no one can overlook. The jet is easy to assemble and a breeze to fly. Good for any skill of flyers from novice to professional level flyers. The front landing gear could turn around making landing and directional movement on land simple. The MiG-29 EDF jet is made for speed and performance.

The MiG-29 is a widely exported aircraft, flown by Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Cuba.  The MiG-29 is superficially similar in layout to the larger Su-27, and unlike counterpart American fighters which are easily distinguished, a close attention to design details is needed to distinguish the two Russian fighters:

The MiG-29's wings are swept-back and tapered with square tips. The Leading- Edge Root Extensions (LERXs) are wide and curved down to the front. LERX begins on the nose below the mid-mount point, and the wingsí trailing edges end at a high-mounted point. Twin jet Brushless Motors are mounted low and to the sides of the fuselage. The fuselage is made of a long, thin, slender body with long, pointed drooping nose. There is a high-mounted bubble canopy. The tail fins have sharply tapered leading edges, canted outward with angular, cutoff tips. Flats are high-mounted on the fuselage, movable, swept-back, and tapered with a negative slant.


  • Wingspan: 707mm (27.83 in)
  • Length: 1013mm (39.88 in)
  • Flying Weight: 790g (27.86oz)
  • Wing Area: 18dm^2 (300sq in)
  • Wing Load: 43.89g/dm^2 (1.56oz sp. ft)
  • 55mm Ducted Fan x2
  • Servos: Three 9G Servos
  • Motor: Brushless Motor
  • Speed Controller : 20A x2
  • Power System: 11.1V 2200mAH LiPo Battery
  • Radio System: 4-Channel


  • Pre-painted foam main fuselage with pre-installed servos (elevator (2) and aileron), brushless motors and fans, receiver compartment and hatch and ESCs
  • Pre-painted foam fuselage front half. Steering servo, battery compartment and hatch and landing gear (including two front wheels) factory installed.
  • Pre-painted foam wings, stabs and fins. Wings and stabs factory hinged
  • Pre-bent main landing gear with wheels factory installed
  • Pre-painted canopy
  • Glue
  • Instruction manual
  • Foam ordinance
  • Miscellaneous building supplies