ESky Charger for Li-Polymer Batteries
ESky Charger for Li-Polymer Batteries
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LiPoly Charger (AC Adapter Sold Seperately)
Our Low Price Lithium Polymer Batteries: 7.4V LiPo 11.1V LiPo | 14.8v LiPoly | 18.5V LiPoly | 22.2V LiPoly
 (1).Input Voltage:DC11.5~13.5V 
 (2).Input Current:1500 mAh 
 (3).Single battery full voltage:4.2V0.05V 
 (4).Minimum chargeable battery voltage: 1.25V (the charger will indicate that there no battery if single cell voltage lower than this parameter) 
 (5).The restoration time of defective battery: 3 MIN (If restoration still can not be finished when overtime, indicate that the battery has been damaged) 
 (6).Practicable charge current: 750 mAh 
 (7).Compatible chargeable battery: 11.1V 1000mAh;7.4V 800mAh Li-Polymer battery 
 (8).Final Voltage: 8.4 0.1V 2 cells ; 12.6V 0.1V 3cells
Charge process:】
1.Connect the charger with power, then the red power indicator lights up, which indicates that the power connection is normal.
2.Connect the 2 cells or 3cells Li-polymer battery with charging ports of charger respectively or simultaneously, then the green charging indicator flashes and it indicates the battery is on charge.
3.Green indicator stops flashes shows that the battery is full.

Charging Precautions:
1.After connecting the power, the red indicator would get light, otherwise, it indicates that power connection goes wrong. (fig 1)
2.Green indicator would flash after connecting the battery with charger, which indicates that battery is on charge. If green and
red indicators flash simultaneously, it indicates the error with battery, please check whether the battery has been damaged.
If green indicator goes out and red indicator flashes, it shows that the charger is under protection mode, please disconnect the
power for 3 seconds and switch the power on again.
3.Green indicator gets constant light after the charge finished. If the battery has not been unplugged for a long time after charge finished, the battery would be recharged when single battery voltage is lower than 4.15V after self discharge. Also, this procedure will circulate, make sure the battery is in saturated state. (fig 2)
Keep it away from children and take the battery out from the helicopter while charging.
5.Fire or serious injury would be resulted in under certain conditions so please follow the instructions and never leave equipment unattended while charging.
6.Keep the battery charged in cool and ventilating place and be away from heat source, flammable and exposable materials.
7.To ensure secure and quick charging, please use ESKY original chargers.