Airfield Tempest 4 Channel RC Warbird Airplane Almost Ready to Fly 800mm Wingspan RC Remote Control Radio
  • Airfield Tempest 4 Channel RC Warbird Airplane Almost Ready to Fly 800mm Wingspan RC Remote Control Radio
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The Hawker Tempest was a British fighter aircraft used by the RAF (Royal Air Force) during the second world war. It was an improved version of its predecessor, the Typhoon, and many consider it to be one of the more powerful fighter aircrafts in the British fleet. 

The Tempest's primary combat role was to carry out reconnaissance missions due to several factors. It had the ability to maintain high speeds at low to medium altitudes along with long range capability thanks to its 45 gallon drop tanks. The Tempest was also armed with four 20mm cannons had a cockpit that allowed great visibility to carry out ground attack during these missions. 

Most of the operations were ground attack and they also were able to shoot down many of the V1 rockets fired by the Nazis. The Tempest also scored kills again the German ME262 jets using the "rat scramble" tactic where they would take advantage of ME262 jets approaching for landing, a vulnerable state, where flaps were down, speeds were slow and incapable of quick acceleration. 

Airfield used their technical expertise with EPO foam to create a wonderful replica of the Tempest. Constructed of durable and resilient foam the 800mm tempest if a joy to fly.

This model features a high power 820Kv Out-Runner brushless motor throwing a scale inspired four bladed propeller. Four 9 gram servos are pre-installed from the factory and provide precise movement of surface controls. The model is equipped with a 20Amp brushless electronic speed controller supported by a 11.1v 1300mah lithium polymer battery. This power combo delivers excitement from this old fighter aircraft.

This model is almost ready to fly with electronics installed. The almost ready to fly version is best pilots that don't want to hassle with finding servos, motors, and esc, and have a radio system of their own ready to install into the plane. All you need to do to build the plane is install the radio and setup the control surfaces and it is ready for flight.

Take to the skies with the fastest and meanest 800 Series aircraft! Only from Airfield. 

- Precision Scale and High Performance Aircraft
- Molded with durable EPO material
- Almost Ready to Fly with electronics pre-installed 
- Perfect Roll, Loop, And Inverted Flight
- Exhaust detail
- 4 Blade propeller with spinner
- Steerable tail wheel
- Panel detail and blisters
- Air inlet and exit to help with cooling
- Scale pilot

- Wing Span: 800mm ( 31.5in )
- Length: 678mm ( 24.6in )
- Thrust rate: 1:1 
- Servo: 9g Servo X 4 (Installed)
- Landing Gear: Fixed Landing Gear (Included)
- Motor:  820Kv Outrunner Brushless Motor (Installed)
- ESC: 20A Brushless ESC (Installed)
- Propeller: 4 Blade Propeller With Spinner (Included) 

Required to Fly:
Assembly of Plane
Battery: Li-Po 11.1V 1300mAh 15C
Charger to charge 11.1v battery
Minimum 4 Channel Receiver
Minimum 4 Channel Transmitter

Airfield 800mm Tempest 95A355 Spare Parts
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Horizontal wings
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Guided missile

Main Landing gear
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Controlling steel
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Screws set
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9g servo(wire:150mm)

9g servo(wire: 350mm)
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Airfield 20A Brushless ESC
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Out runner brushless DST-820KV
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1300mah 11.1v 25c
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