RC Airplane Joystick Flight Simulative Transmitter System
RC Airplane Joystick Flight Simulative Transmitter System
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Joystick simulative flight system


1.The introduction and usage settings System 1.5 main control system 


AEO FPV System 1.5 is the most powerful FPV RC core processing system. 

It has digital port and graphical LCD display. Breaking through the tradition, using the high performance  processors to reach the channel mapping and mixing function. Also can achieve the aim of FPV control without advanced transmitter. Meantime, AEO simulating driving system component can give user a real feeling of Joystick flight and steering wheel driving. Following is the user introduction of this system.


The function introduction: 

1. Using it together with AEO special digital version head tracking gyro: X-GYRO 1500. It?s convenient to set parameters and control the head tracking movement by X-GYRO1500.

2. Support AEO special control peripheral such as flying joystick, steering wheel and so on.

3. Powerful and free channel mapping function. Support four input devices(including main transmitter and digital gyro) at a time, available to cross the mapped channels to experience the cooperation control.

4. Two control combination ways. Able to switch the control device quickly.  Be free to experience the different control device or hand the control right to other instantly. 

5. PPM coach signal mixing function, high performance, without time delay. Able to support all FUTABA device with coach function. Even though without advanced transmitter, able to experience FPV driving. This system can support all device with PPM signal output port. Available to use it on JR device with AEO special adapter modules.


Interface introduction:

This system has four ports, from right to left: ?A? port is special for digital head tracking gyro; ?B? port for main transmitter; ?C? port for the first deputy transmitter; ?D? port for the second deputy transmitter. ?C? and ?D? can exchange.

1. Connect all devices and ensure it work well. For introducing, connect simulating control device to ?C? port.


System 1.5 uses FUTABA coach port to supply power. Switch it on after connecting it to any FUTABA transmitter with coach port and enter into system. On the screen will display the following as per shown.

Mode one, The first to sixth channels correspond with the first to sixth channels of transmitter on the ?B? port. The seventh and eighth channel to the X-axis and Y-axis of digital gyro on the ?A? port. That ?LINK ERROR? becomes ?WWW.AEORC.COM? after connecting digital gyro to ?A? port ofSystem 1.5 shows successful connection.

It has a 5 directions switch. When working, reset the digital gyro by pressing the switch to inwards, or enter into setting menu by pressing it to inwards about three seconds.


2.RC Joystick simulating driving introduction


AEO simulating driving device is upgraded by us based on the Saitek equipment. For more details about this equipment, please refer to the Saitek web site. 

The simulating control device supplied by AEO is special for simulating driving, just using it with System 1.5.    


Connecting introduction:

Able to use the simulating driving by the following settings:

Connect AEO simulating driving device to ?C?or ?D?port of the System 1.5

connect main transmitter to ?B?port

Set the corresponding channel

open the coach function 

Suggest that you know of the settings of channels on the simulating driving device before using and remain a group of mode for traditional transmitter to avoid losses because of wrong operation.

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