The 2.4Ghz EF2000 Brushless Radio Controlled EDF R/C Jet 100% Ready-to-Fly Black Version
The 2.4Ghz EF2000 Brushless Radio Controlled EDF R/C Jet 100% Ready-to-Fly Black Version
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Introduction (Art-Tech EF2000 Electric Ducted Fan Jet w/ 2.4Ghz System)

Over the last few years, the popularity and achievements of electric flight have progressed very rapidly. Two of the markets that have seen some of the largest growth are the foamy EDFs (Electric Ducted Fan), and RTF (Ready To Fly) offerings that are available from many manufacturers today. One of those manufacturers, Art-Tech has been around for a few years, and produces quite a diverse range of products including R/C airplanes, helicopters, batteries, ESCs, gyros, servos, and slew of other assorted electronics. For those of us in North America interested in their products, carries quite a few of Art-Techs' offerings, and have been kind enough to provide me with one of their very complete Eurofighter 2000 RTF kits for review.

RCGroups Review

Eurofighter Typhoon

Kit Contents

The EF2000 is marketed as a RTF, 95% complete kit so my expectations were pretty high as to the level of prefabrication that would of been done at the factory. Having never owned a RTF package, I found opening the box and inspecting the components quite fun as all of electronics come pre-installed, the components seem to be of decent quality, and all that was required was some final assembly.

Wing span: 25.5"
Wing area: 325.7 sq in.
Length: 38.5"
Weight: 22.9 oz.
Wing loading: 1.1oz sq ft.
Servos: 3x 9g servos
Transmitter: Art-tech 2.4Ghz 4 Channel
Receiver: Art-tech 6ch micro
Battery: 3s 1600mah
Motor: Brushless inrunner
ESC: 30A
# of Fans: 1
Fan Dia. 64mm
Fan Thrust approx. 16oz (470g)

Kit includes/features:

  • Art-Tech 4 channel FM Transmitter

  • Pre-installed Art-Tech 6 channel micro receiver

  • Art-Tech 3s 1600mah lipo battery

  • DC charging unit

  • Pre-painted and decaled foam fuselage / wings

  • Pre-installed and painted pilot / canopy

  • Pre-installed 9g servos and linkages

  • Pre-installed Fan/Motor unit

  • Pre-installed 30A ESC

  • Instruction manual

  • Glue


Kit requires:
  • 8 AA batteries for the transmitter

Box as it arrived to my doorstep

Lots of stuff packed inside that foam chunk...

Battery, charger and DC wall unit

Power system

A single 64mm fan unit with a brushless inrunner motor mounted at the factory powers the Eurofighter on the kit 3s 1600mah lipo. According to factory specs, the thrust output of the fan unit is in the 16oz range, which on paper should give the Eurofighter plenty of power. Bench testing showed my setup making just under 250W @ 20A on the stock freshly charged battery, and about 275W @ 24A on a 2200mah 20C pack that I also had in the workshop. Either way the stock 30A ESC is more then enough to cover the demands of the fan/motor combo.

Fan unit/ESC

Fan unit/motor



Simply glue the wings and canards in place, install your landing gear, plug in your servo wires, charge up your battery, and head out for your maiden. If you've got some build/assembly experience, I'd bet you could complete the assembly in the amount of time it takes to charge the battery with the supplied wall charger (about 30 minutes for initial charge).


Main Wing

Attaching the wings has you push the tabbed wing into a pre-cut slot on the fuselage for both the left and right side. Ensuring the wings are aligned properly is done by simply keeping the top / bottom of the wing flush with a ridge that runs the length of the fuselage. The servos and control linkages are already done at the factory, so once the wing is in place all that is left to-do is to plug them in.

Wings out of the box

Pre-installed horns and linkages

Completed wing assembly



The Art-Tech Eurofighter comes with fixed canards, and installing them requires you slip the tabbed end of the canard into a pre-cut slot on the fuselage, and glue them into place (just like the wing). Aligning the canards is done for you once the canard is fully inserted into the tab, but you'll want to ensure everything looks symetrical before you glue in place.


Sliding into place

Completed assembly



The only remaining step that is required to complete the fuselage is attaching the nose cone. Simply glue into place after it's aligned appropriately.

Before installation

Nose cone glued into place



Being a delta wing, there is no horizontal stab, and as the vertical stab is molded into the fuselage there is no assembly required. As with the rest of the kit, the rudder servo and linkages are pre-installed at the factory.

Tail assembly


Landing gear

The steerable nose gear is installed out of the box, so all that's left is to install the pre-bent mains which plug into a plastic base plate that is pre-mounted into the wing, and are held in place by 4 screws. For this step, I found it neccasary to clean out some of the flash left over from the molding process which prevented me from getting the gear to mount flush inside its housing with my exacto blade.

Landing gear out of box

Landing gear close up


Radio Installation

All that remains for the builder to-do is to plug your servos into the RX. To gain access to the RX, start by removing the bottom 'cover' which retains and masks the electronic components installed underneath of it from the bottom side of the aircraft. Then plug your servo leads into the RX. I recommend you verify everything works as expected and then once you're satisfied everything is operational, pop the 'cover' back into place and secure with the provided screws.

Bottom cover removed

Art-Tech 6 channel micro RX

8 AA batteries



Completion of the model consists of balancing the model, charging the battery, checking your throws , and gluing the wing tips on. The battery took about 30 minutes to charge on the provided wall charger, and then I was off to fly! As there is no mention of throws in the manual, I feel it's worth noting that I did not use the stock settings for the control horns on the ailerons. I ended up adjusting them so that they are placed in the hole closest to the aileron itself (ie maximum throws).


Charging battery

Battery Installed


Completed model




The Eurofighter is a nice stable aircraft which scoots along nicely above 3/4 throttle. With the provided 3s 1600mah pack, Im getting just under 4 minutes of full throttle flight. Unfortunately, I don't have any way to scientificly measure the aircrafts speed, but I would guess the straight and level passes are in the 45mph range, and downwind speed passes are upwards of 55mph.

Having flown the Eurofighter in winds varying from 0 - 15mph, I think its safe to say it handles them very nicely, and as with most of my EDFs I actualy prefer to fly in winds of 5 - 10 mph as I find it helps to slow down/stabilize the aircraft on approach, and during takeoffs.

Taking Off and Landing


Full throttle rollouts have my Eurofighter airborne within 10 - 25 yards (depending upon the runway surface), with plenty of momentum for a nice scale climbout. Much like my J-10 (also a delta wing w/ canards), the plane doesn't want to become airborne on it's own, so I find myself needing to apply a good amount of up elevator to get the plane in the air.


Landing the Eurofighter is no different then any other of my EDFs with the exception of the cool nose high attitude the canards give it on approach. Simply chop the throttle to about 1/8th, line up on the runway and grease her in.

Aerobatics/Special Flight Performance

The EF2000 rolls incredibly well, and handles nicely inverted with a slight bit of up elevator. I've found I can eek out a single loop from flatout level flight, but the plane much prefers to enter them via a shallow dive on the stock 1600mah pack.

Flight Video/Photo Gallery

Tail feathers

Taxi to the active

Pilot included is pretty cool

On the hunt

Over the gate


On short finals

On patrol over the secret test grounds

Eurofighter smile

The real dark knight?

Just cruisin

Another overhead

Turn 'n Burn

Taking off

Author shot
Art-Tech EF2000 Spare Parts
fuselage set AT-5R011
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main wing set AT-5R021
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tail wing set AT-5R031
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canard wing set AT-5R041
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nose cone AT-5R051
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Ducted fun set w/ Brushless motor AT-50091

li-poly battery 11.1V,1600mAh,15C AT-50101
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Art Tech Lipo Battery 11.1v 1000mah
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Art Tech 2.4ghz Transmitter Remote Control
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Art Tech ESC 30Amp Brushless Speed Controller
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Arttech 4300kv Brushless Motor
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Arttech 2.4ghz 6 Channel Receiver