Tech One RC Yak 55 EPP 3D 4 Channel Plane Kit RC Remote Control Radio
  • Tech One RC Yak 55 EPP 3D 4 Channel Plane Kit RC Remote Control Radio
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The Tech One Yak 55 is designed for the pilot with the sole purpose of performing 3D aerobatic maneuvers. Constructed of high impact resilient EPP Foam, it is ideal for practicing 3D stunts and maneuvers time after time. If you get it wrong and collide with mother earth, the plane wont explode into pieces, you can pick it up and keep on practicing.

This is a superbly designed, top quality Kit model that features a proper profile wing and extensive use of carbon fiber rod and tubing for extra stiffness. The control surfaces are large enough for any seasoned 3D pilot. If you're not ready to massive throws the kit includes control horns that can be adjusted for less throw.

The motor mount is pre-installed and will accept up to a 35mm brushless out-runner motor. A convenient battery mount location is secured with a velcro strap. The Tech One Yak 55 is an excellent flyer. It is the perfect machine for smooth practice or extreme 3d flight.

  • Super light 10mm epp material used.
  • Very simple assembly, without any carbon fiber bracings, you can assemble within 30min.
  • Lightweight and durable. It is the 1st choice for indoor 3D elementary practice.

Product Specifications:
Fuselage Length: 840mm (33in)
Wingspan: 800mm (31.5in)
Flying Weight: 170-180g (with battery)

Additional Required Equipment:
Motor: 2204 1700KV
ESC: 10 Amp
Propeller: GWS 8x4 Prop
Servo: 6-8g Micro Servo * 3pcs
Radio: 4 Channel Receiver and Transmitter
Battery: 7.4v 400-500mah Li-Po
Charger: Li-Po Compatible Charger