Tech One Hobby RC Plane F4U Aerobatic 3D Warbird 4 Channel Almost Ready to Fly RC Remote Control Radio
  • Tech One Hobby RC Plane F4U Aerobatic 3D Warbird 4 Channel Almost Ready to Fly RC Remote Control Radio
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The F4U was most notable by its awesome power to weight ratio and its agility. The iconic inverted gull wing design gave this bird a unique silhouette in the sky and allowed it to throw a huge prop while clearing an aircraft carrier deck with its low slung landing gears. Its landing gears were able to retract flush into the wings to give it better aerodynamic performance allowing it to hit speeds of 400mph. The F4U was famous for its ability to out run, out climb, and out gun any plane during hits heyday in World War II.

TechOne Hobby has created a beautiful foam representation of the legendary F4U Corsair. Ever wish your warbird had bigger control surfaces and was more aerobatic and 3D capable? Well TechOne decided to fill that niche. This F4U is constructed of strong and resilient EPP foam. The control surfaces are extremely wide and large to accommodate precise acrobatic flight. High alpha maneuvers can now be performed on a F4U! Snap rolls, rolling circles, prop hanging, hammer heads, hovering etc can all now be performed with your favorite warbird. With an inch thick EPP foam fuselage this aerobatic warbird is light and nimble. Its also extremely resilient to light crashes! This Almost ready to fly version comes with all the electronics in the box ready to be installed. Add the radio system and battery of your choice and your ready to start stunting.

Fuselage Length: 918mm (36.1in.)
Wingspan: 1000mm (39.4in.)
Flying Weight: 720-740g (with battery)
Propeller: 10x4.7

20-30amp Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
Brushless Motor AS2216 1250KV
Servo: Four 10-17gram micro servo

Required to Fly:
4 Channel Transmitter
4 Channel Receiver
11.1v 1500-2200mah 25C Battery
Li-Po Battery Charger capable of 3cell charging
Assembly of Plane
Assembly Materials