TechOne SU29 4 Channel RC Depron Plane ARF RC Remote Control Radio
TechOne SU29 4 Channel RC Depron Plane ARF RC Remote Control Radio
Item Code: 02A-403-SU29-Depron-ARF

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Tech One has constantly been striving to achieve lighter weight and rigidity in their aircrafts. The new depron foam planes show off their latest ingenuity and skill.
This Tech One SU29 uses HCF technology effectively reducing the weight of the entire plane. The flying weight of the plane is merely 120-140 grams with the recommended battery type. This extraordinary feat is achieved by using laser machinery to hollow carve the depron foam. The motor mount, horns, and other spare parts are all constructed of carbon fiber to keep things light and strong. They use a clever X interchange design to reinforce the ailerons in order to improve the torsional strength while not adding weight. To ensure a strong adhesive bond between the joints of film and the foam, Tech One applied their advanced filming technology which leaves no residual adhesive inside the carved hollow areas of the fuselage and stabilizers. An ultra thin polyester film covers this beautiful construction and is printed with amazing color schemes. HCF Technology not only increases the structural rigidity of the entire plane to withstand breaking but also effectively reduces unnecessary weight, ultimately improving the planes responsiveness and flying performance.?

Product Specifications:
Fuselage Length: 836mm (33in.)
Wingspan: 848mm (33.4in.)
Flying Weight: 115-140g (with battery)
Motor: AS2204 KV1700
ESC: 6-10Amp
Propeller: 8043SF prop or 8040 HD prop
Servos: 4-6g micro servo*3pcs

HCF TECH series include MXS, SU29, Sbach 342, Extra 330SC and Edge 540. 
1. These planes use HCF TECH technology, effectively reduced the flying weight to approx. 120-140g.
2. Carbon fiber motor mount, control horn and other accessories used also can reduce 1g weight.
3. Use of new X interchange construction to reinforce the aileron. The planes torsional strength is increased without much added weight.
4. Beautiful color schemes
5. The power package is universal for all planes in this series.  

Required to Fly:
4 Channel Receiver
4 Channel Transmitter
Battery: 7.4v 2S 250-450mAh Li-po 25C
Lipo Battery Charger