Walkera Super FP 4 Channel RC Helicopter RTF 2.4Ghz RC Remote Control Radio
  • Walkera Super FP 4 Channel RC Helicopter RTF 2.4Ghz RC Remote Control Radio
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The Walkera Super FP ready to fly 2.4ghz is a mini fixed pitch helicopter great for flying indoors or outdoors! Ideal for cruising around at a relaxing pace, the Walkera Super FP is the sister of the Mini CP, one of Walkera’s very successful Collective Pitch models. The Mini CP is famous for its durability and stability, with the advanced 3-Axis Gyro making it amazingly stable. The new Super-FP shares a lot of common parts with the Mini CP, and is based on the same 3-axis gyro. The airframe is simple and constructed of plastic and composite materials allowing the Super FP to be durable yet lightweight. The blades are also flexible enough to shrug of blade strikes. The landing skids are able to be conveniently removed should the need arise to service the main gears. The Super FP, gives a new experience for Fixed Pitch Helis, it re-defines its class and will amaze beginner to seasoned pilots.  

1). Simple airframe and composite plastic material make Super FP more light and durable.
2). Flexile and durable plastic rotor blades with highly precise swashplate.
3). Integrated and durable canopy is designed attractively.
4). Convenient disassembling skid landing make it easier to operate.
5). Integrated servo and receiver makes the control speed faster and precise
6). 3-Axis Gyro control which makes flight stable is suitable for the beginners

1).Main Rotor Dia:238mm
2).Tail Rotor Dia:42mm
3).Overall Length:220mm
5).Battery:3.7V 240mAh Li-Po
6).Main Rotor :1220FC
7).Tail Rotor :0615R

WK2402D Transmitter
Pre-assembled Helicopter
Battery Charger (Powered by USB Cable)
3.7V 240mAh Li-Po Battery
Instruction Manual
Extra 2pcs Main Blade
Extra 1pcs Tail Rotor

Required to Fly:
8 AA Batteries for Transmitter