Super Sale! CMP Model P40 Warhawk 140 - 73 " ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled "Tiger Shark" Airplane RC Plane CMP-049-Gas-P40-140
  • Super Sale! CMP Model P40 Warhawk 140 - 73 " ARF Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled "Tiger Shark" Airplane RC Plane CMP-049-Gas-P40-140
Item Code: CMP-049-Gas-P40-140

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This is so far our highest quality arf plane kit, well priced and almost-ready-to-fly!  The P40 Warhawk has a fiberglass fuselage and cowl painted in vague colors. The rib wings are covered with Solartex and airbrushed to match the color of the whole aircraft. The wood that makes up both the wings and the fuselage are all laser cut. The high precision of fiberglass and fine painting work make this kit an extremely realistic aircraft. It is a perfect combination between scale looks and excellent flying performance. The kit comes with a full color decal sheet, wheels and a fuel tank. This war bird is a must fly!

4.88~4.95 kg
Wing Loading
81~83 dm/2
Naca 0014
Wing Area
60 dm/2
Radio Control
4~5 Ch
5~6 Servos
purchase separately
2 Strok Engine
purchase separately
4 Strok Engine
purchase separately

The retract bays are built into the wing from the factory, so the retracts will drop right in.

Wing Span: 73"
Weight: 10.75lb
Length: 62"
Wing Area:
Wing Loading: 26.64oz./sq.ft.
Engine Required: 4c 140
Radio 4~5 Channel 5~6 Servos

The kit box is nice packed, with all the major parts well packed in a light foam wrap and clear plastic bags. Slots in the interior cardboard held all items tightly in place, so it will produce no damage from shipping.  Included with the kit are fuel tanks, engine mounts, wheels, hardware, pushrods, clear plastic canopy and nose cone, decal sheet, one-piece fiberglass cowls, and fixed wire landing gear plus other necessary hardware. You will need to purchase some building supplies, engines, spinners, servo extensions, and a radio. Mechanical retracts are an interesting option to consider for this plane kit.  The quality of the materials is excellent with a one-piece fiberglass fuselage/fin straight and true. The  instruction manual has excellent-quality step-by-step drawings.  With an 4-stroke engine installed, this P40 Plane will fly, feel, and sound like the legendary Tiger Shark from World War 2.

  • This fierce P-40 Warhawk comes with quality hardware including the spinner.
  • *Propeller to be purchased separately*





Decals are ready applied and protected by clear coat. The model is thus very durable and easy to build.


The kit comes with fixed landing gear and optional twist and turn retracts fitting.



The fuselage is a huge fiberglass moulding with enough room to fit the engine and etc.

All covered and decorated. Just assemble the model and install the engine and radio
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