4-Channel Spitfire EP ARF Electric led RC Plane RC Remote Control Radio
  • 4-Channel Spitfire EP ARF Electric  led RC Plane RC Remote Control Radio
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Electric Spitfire 4-Channel ARF Brushless Radio Remote Controlled RC Warbird

Here is a real miniature aircraft! This ARF Spitfire, powered by an regular or brushless electric motor of the class 400 is capable of performing all the aerobatics of the real famous WW2 fighter. Easy and quick to build, needs 3 subminiature servos and a 18A speed controller. The very light frame employs two different types of extruded polystyrene and is covered with the mimetic camouflage films. The kit includes a pair of super light wheels. It isnt a slow flyer but just a true electric scale model able to flight on the normal fields. The super detailed instructions permit to everybody with some building experience to afford this construction. Flying characteristics are excellent. 

Electric ARF Spitfire

Key Features:
Scale ARF Electric Warbirds R/C Model Airplane
The plane is built and painted and it's a magnificent
Scale model more nearly ready to fly than most others,
A new state of the art in highly detailed balsa skin ARF's!
A 4CH whole wood construction model! An exact scale airplane to every detail!

Electric ARF Spitfire

Wing Span: 35.8 in / 910mm     Wing Area: 232 sq in / 15 sq dm Flying Weight : 14 oz / 400g
Fuselage Length : 31.5 in / 800 mm


4 channels radio w/ 3 mini servos

Fold prep:  APC: 9X5 ; 8X6 ; 9X6SF  

 Li-Poly : 11.1V 1300-1800mAh 

 1. Brushless  Speed 400 Motor, Gearbox:5:1

 2. Motor Speed: 400          Gearbox: 5:1 / 6:1

Electric ARF Spitfire


Electric ARF Spitfire