3-Channel Slope Diver RTF Radio Remote Controlled RC Electric Airplane 3380-2W_AccipiterBadiusWhite
  • 3-Channel Slope Diver RTF Radio Remote Controlled RC Electric Airplane 3380-2W_AccipiterBadiusWhite
Item Code: 3380-2W_AccipiterBadiusWhite

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Brand New, Huge Radio Controlled Aircraft - Soarer  Full 3 channel Radio control equipment included and installed !!!

*BRAND NEW* ADVANCED 3-Channel R/C Airplane + a Full 3-CH Radio Control Transmitter completed with a Full set of 3 Channel FUTABA Attack 2ER Japanese telecontrol equipment to realize excellent control  !!! NEW IN BOX !!! READY TO FLY IN MINUTES


One of Our top of the range ready to fly model aircraft and very popular – the soarer is an acrobatic motor driven glider, it poses fantastic “stay up” properties and in the right weather conditions can stay flying for an hour with the right pilot!!

RC J3 Piper Cub

It uses full 3 channel radio control equipment which is easily moved to other models Although still very stable and easy to fly I would recommend this as your top choice for your second model.

The Soarer has opened a whole new world of soaring excitement for modellers everywhere by giving them a beautifully crafted electric-powered sailplane that goes together in about one hour including charging the battery, all that's left for a modeller to do now is install the transmitter batteries, bolt on the tail, slide together the wing halves, charge the included Ni-Cd battery, and fly.

1. Wingspan: 42 inches 1100mm
2. Length:  32 inches 820mm
3. Weight:

15.87 ounces

4. Power Supply (flight pack):  8.4V 600mAh NiMh (7 cell) 8.4V 600mAh NiMh  (7 cell)
5. Radio Equipment: Full 3 channel SD-27 Mhz. Full 3 channel SD-27 Mhz. 
6. Motor: 380 380
7. Distance of Control: 1580 feet 500m
8. Rising velocity: 16 feet per second 5 meters per second
9. Flight time: 12 or more minutes on each charged flight pack (depending upon if you glide more).
10. Packing details:
Each unit is packed in hard foam insulated box, complete with radio

Highlighted features for this airplane


3 Channel Radio Controller features:

  • Left/Right Control

  • Elevator Control

  • Digital Progressive Motor Speed Control Knob

Newest design Full 3 Channel capability with a variable speed throttle control

These servos are "Designed to work with almost all Radio Control Systems" Compatiable w/: FUTABA, JR, HITEC, AIRTRONICS, GWS, SANWA & AASHAI Radio Systems

This Receiver Is Designed To Handle Hitec, Futaba, Airtronics, JR on 27MHz. Whole-digital modulational circuitry, with the function of signal discrimination, is sensitive to receive the signal and strong to resist interference.

Micro high frequency electronic speed control with the battery eliminator circuitry (BEC). It is designed for electric motors up to a speed 600 in size. It will handle up to an 8 cell battery pack and is rated for a maximum of 22 amps continous current.

8.4V Ni-Mh Battery Pack (not like other 6v or 7.2v ni-cd battery pack) with great output current flow and provide reliable energy source, wall charger 110V 

New designed folding propeller and High Performance 380 Turbo  Electromotor provide powerful propulsive force. KIT INCLUDES AN EXTRA PROPELLER FOR FREE!!!