Seawind Seaplane 60 - 70" Almost-Ready-to-Fly led RC Sea Plane ARF Seaplane RC Remote Control Radio
  • Seawind Seaplane 60 - 70" Almost-Ready-to-Fly  led RC Sea Plane ARF Seaplane RC Remote Control Radio
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Seawind Sea Airplane - 60 Almost-Ready-to-Fly Radio Controlled SeaPlane ARF!!!

The Seawind Aircraft is a perfect union of form and function. The sleek flowing lines make it the most striking of land or seaplanes. We have developed the world’s best and fastest four/five place amphibian.

There's probably a little sailor in every pilot. Many of us own or have owned boats. Virtually all of us feel a special affinity for the sea. For that reason, amphibious aircraft have seemed a perfect marriage of interests. Imagine a fast airplane with the flexibility to land on normal runways or double as a speedboat, albeit a very expensive one. For an amphibian, sky, ground and water are all friendly elements. Even if you're a pilot who's not into boats, that's an attractive concept, especially if you fly to places where hard runways are hard to come by.

Wing span: 70 in / 1780mm
Wing area: 703sq in / 45.5 sq dm
Flying weight: 9.1lb / 4130g
Fuselage length: 57 in / 1450mm

Engine Required: 2c 0.61 cu in
                           4c 0.91 cu in
Radio Required: 5-6 channels,7-8 servos

Made from top quality balsa wood construction with fiberglass fuselage.  Includes all hardware and accessories.


Whether your mission is flying at the park or at the pond, Seawind is the perfect RC Airplane!  The structural integrity and versatility of a high performance amphibian make the Seawind the go-anywhere aircraft.

From the outset, the Seawind ARF Seaplane was a bold concept, built on the principle, "If it looks good, it will fly well." The Seawind looks great. Like most amphibians, the Seawind Seaplane mounts its engine as high as possible to keep the prop up out of the spray. The Seawind's engine pylon extends forward from the airplane's cruciform horizontal stabilizer, mounted on what has to be one of the beefiest vertical stabilizers in the class.