The Red Arrows DF Turbax 7-Channel - Almost Ready to Fly Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled Jet Plane RedArrowBlue

The Red Arrows DF Turbax 7-Channel - Almost Ready to Fly Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled Jet Plane RedArrowBlue
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Product Description

Red Arrows 
46 class ducted fan/Jet, Red/White
Almost Ready To Fly (ARF) For Entry level to Ducted Fans


Kit feature:
White & Red dual color gel-coated FRP fuselage.
Factory built inlet ducting.
Pre-built, pre-covered balsa wing.
Ready for air retract system
Size 1500X450X320 mm
Extremely stable flight performance
Top quality wood construction wing and empennage.
Fiberglass fuselage.
Fiberglass Air ducting included
Air retracts ready
Complete set of hardware and accessories.
Manual and decals are also included
This airplane is designed for entry level into ducted fans.
Extremely stable flight performance

The British Aerospace Hawk is a small, single engined, two-seat advanced trainer, which entered RAF service in 1976. Since entering service with the Royal Air Force in 1976, the Hawk has established an unrivalled reputation as a fast jet trainer and its success is reflected in sales to 18 customers worldwide. Most recently, Canada and South Africa selected Hawk to meet the fighter trainer requirements of their respective armed forces. Hawk operates in extreme environments that range from Finland in the Arctic Circle to Saudi Arabia in the arid Middle East and Malaysia in the Tropics. By any standard the Hawk is the world's most successful fast jet trainer. From every standpoint it outclasses the opposition.

For advanced fliers, ducted fan jets represent a challenge, a chance to put their piloting skills against one of the most demanding areas of R/C flying. AMD Red Arrow Ducted Fan ARF helps pilots step up to the challenge, and meet it head on with performance and affordability. The AMD Red Arrow designed for use with the Turbax 48 fan and K&B .48 or O.S. .46VX-DF provides the power. AMD Red Arrow new fiberglass ducted fan unit converts it to thrust. And a compact fiberglass White & Red dual color gel-coated fuselage and Pre-built, pre-covered balsa wing not only optimizes the power-to-weight ratio, but reduces building and finishing time to surprisingly low levels. An unbeatable combination of price and performance, an affordable way to realize a dream—AMD Red Arrow ARF.

It is the world's first .45-.48 size ducted fan ARF. This aircraft can be assembled and made ready to fly in less than a week's time! The introductory production offering is in the colourful British Red Arrows Demonstration Team paint scheme. The aircraft requires a minimum of 6 channels--rudder and flaps are standard--and is designed for use with Spring Air or Rhom Air retracts. The fuselage comes out of the box prefinished in red and white; panel lines are molded into the fiberglass. The canopy hatch is removable for access to the fuel tanks and for starting; the engine hatch allows for glow plug access. The foam core wing is balsa sheeted and covered with iron-on film.

Lenght: 1,430mm (56.25" )
Wing Span: 1,360mm (53.5" )
Weight: 4.3 - 4.5kg ( 9.5 - 10 lb)
Fan unit: Turbax 48 (not included)
Radio: 7 Channel, 9 servos
Engine: OS 46 VX-DF or K&B 48