68mm Electric Ducted Fan F9F-8 Cougar EPO body + Metal Base Retracts (Gray/Red/White)
  • 68mm Electric Ducted Fan F9F-8 Cougar EPO body + Metal Base Retracts (Gray/Red/White)
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The Grumman F9F Panther was the manufacturer's first jet fighter and the U.S. Navy's second. The Panther was the most widely used U.S. Navy jet fighter of the Korean War. It flew 78,000 sorties and was responsible for the first air kill by the US Navy in the war—the downing of a North Korean Yakovlev Yak-9 fighter. Total F9F production was 1,382, with several variants being exported to Argentina.

The all new RC Lander F-9F Cougar came in an advanced state of pre-assembly with the retracts and flaps installed. The RC Lander Panther is made from SEPO foam (a tighter density foam with a smoother finish that weighs around 10% more). It is one of the most scale edf jet in the market and includes metal retracts, flaps and gear doors. The RC Lander EDFs come with a full complement of panel lines on all of the foam pieces. They are also pre-painted in whatever color scheme you select. They are also pre-painted in whatever color scheme you select. The foam material is SEPO which is a tighter, smoother density type of foam. RC Lander does a great job of painting the finish on these Panthers. All that is required to finish them is to cut out and place a few of the included decals.

In the box:

  • Foam fuselage with removable canopy, one piece wing, fan cover hatch, lower rear fuselage tail piece, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, tip tanks-all pre-painted
  • Plastic canopy, nose cone, fan inlet cover
  • Pre-installed retracts
  • Takes standard 9G servos
  • All required servo extensions and servo Y harnesses
  • Small hardware packet
  • Decal sheet(s)
  • B&W assembly manual
  • Small bottles of epoxy glue
  • Miscellaneous adhesive tape pieces

Required for Completion:

  • Minimum four channel radio system; seven channel system if using retracts, flaps
  • 600-800 watt minimum power system
  • 3S or 4S 3300-4000 mAH lipoly battery
  • 60A Hobby Wing brushless speed controller
  • 3A BEC
  • 70mm EDF Fan and Brushless motor

Aerobatics/Special Flight Performance

The RC Lander Panther is a ton of fun in the sky! The factory power systems provide ample power to get the Panther up on step and groovin'! Though the airframe can handle some wind, its relatively light weight will get bounced around a little if the winds are too strong. You will enjoy flying this plane on days when the winds are five MPH or less. It is a confidence inspiring plane under these meteorological conditions. You will really get a kick out of making a diving, turning approach to the runway threshold, going to full power as the F9F initiate the turn. The Panther is very stable at full power and will hold altitude very nicely as you scream down the center line a couple of feet off the deck. Pulling up into a steep climb out after such a pass, with several aileron rolls thrown in, is a thing of beauty. The rolls are some of the most axial you'll experience. Inverted flying will require some down elevator but if the CG is properly set, the Panther is just as happy upside down as right side up. Large loops are possible as well and the Panther looks great carving the sky into doughnut shaped circles.


And the award for the Best New EDF Manufacturer goes to ..(drum roll)... RC Lander! Without a doubt! This new company has exploded onto the scene with a new plane, a new power system and a new standard in receptiveness to customer suggestions. The RC Lander F9F Panther looks great and performs in the air very satisfyingly. The RC Lander EDF unit has it's own unique sound. Bring the Panther by at full throttle down on the deck and the sound of the fan gulping in massive amounts of air and exhaling it back out with a roar will send chills up and down your spine. And the sound of a pair of them ripping by in formation is downright electrifying! Every time and everywhere I flew the Panther, onlookers would ask for details and comment on how great it looked and flew.

Tim and company have a lot product more in the pipeline too! They also have a twin 68mm EDF Rafale and a F16I/F16D available for delivery right now. Other planes in development are a Hawker Hunter and a Mig 15. They are also developing larger 90mm power systems, as well as several other interesting looking fans of various sizes.


  • Captures the "essence" and majesty of the classic F9F Panther Jet Fighter
  • RC Lander fan sounds and performs GREAT
  • Pre-painted color schemes all look fantastic
  • Panel lines on main components
  • Variety of options and configurations to choose from; airframe only to deluxe!
  • Excellent customer service and very quick to implement improvements
  • Tim Wan closely monitors the RCGroups threads and is never far from answering questions, posting clarifying photos and providing great customer support
  • Assembles quickly

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