I'm a foamie freak, I love all the new foamie jets coming out, I get them all, and this one is my current favorite.

It's fast, maybe 70mph, has plenty of power, and makes a really cool twin sound.  The foam is very tough, and CA safe.

It's very stable, in spite of the forward-swept wings.  It's very very maneuverable, you need to watch out, it reacts really fast.  The roll rate is unbeleiveable, fastest I have ever seen.

Takeoffs are about 75 feet off pavement, or you can hand launch it easily.

Flight times are maybe 6 minutes.

I'd stay away from the version that includes the radio, as it really helps to have a good computer radio with expo and dual rates.
The CG is set at the factory, you can't go wrong that way.  But you need to watch out, the plane is very agile and might surprise you on the first takeoff.  It's not for beginning pilots, but it turns in a really sparkling performance for more experienced guys.
It only takes an hour or so to put together.  Contact cement is included, but five minute epoxy works better and faster.  Be sure to secure all screws and connectors with CA or locktite, and make sure you have no slop in your control system.

Anyway...I cannot say enough nice things about this plane.  I have about fifteen flights with not a scratch on it, the sound and shape are fantastic in the air, and the performance good enough to keep me interested and excited.