Nitroplanes P-82 Twin Mustang

Nitroplanes P-82 Twin Mustang

All wood, except for the fiberglass cowls and chin scoops.  Very light, very accurate construction.
I made the outer wing panels removeable.  The two fuses with the center section are very easy to transport.
It includes mechanical retracts.  They are plastic, they work, but off grass, they won't last forever.
I converted it to electric with two Monster Power 46 motors, two T-Pro 70a escs, a seperate BEC, and two 4000 5s Exceed lipos.  Performance is superb, very easy to fly, very very easy to land, very aerobatic.  Has flaps.  I added two Nitroplanes pilots, too, they look good.
Fast to build, very inexpensive to buy and fit out, flies superbly.  Great first twin.

It's a real bargain of a model, sells for an insanely low price for what it is.  It's big and impressive, and flies beautifully.
Later on, I repainted it black to make a nightfighter, see the bottom picture.