NitroPlanes Guanli FW-190 RTF Kit (Green Paint Scheme)

I got this yesterday from a friend and when I opened the box I was really surprised at what I saw. I have experience with GWS kits and I was expexting something on that order. But WOW this was way better than any GWS kit. I couldn't believe all of this and they sell em' for only 85 bucks. This is a greta deal. The quality is good and talk about quick set-up time. Like the box says it's almost RTF. You can't do this with any over priced GWS kit. Look if you want to get a few warbirds or heck even the whole squadron try these Guanli Warbird RTF kits out from NitroPlanes. You'll have a plane or two that are easy to set-up, look great and they won't break the bank. Not only that but if you ever want to upgrade to A Brushless system it's a breeze to do. Oh yeah, you can read the instructions. Yup they are in english and very easy to follow. That's another one up on the GWS kits.

If you have any questions on these planes e-mail me at

Thanks Nitroplanes for making the hobby a bit more affordable for us all.