Nitroplanes Guanli A-10 Warthog

Nitroplanes Guanli A-10 Warthog

Construction quality and paintwork from the factory is excellent, no problems at all.  It took me about 20 minutes to put it together using five minute epoxy.  I left the landing gear off, I prefer to hand launch.  Be sure ot put some tape on the bottom for protection.


The plane flies fine on the stock NIMH pack and brushed motors, in spite of all the internet "Experts" saying it would not.  It will loop and roll, no problem, but it's modestly powered with the stock setup, and flight times are maybe five minutes, tops.
Swapping out the 650NIMH pack for a three cell 1300 lipo made a whole new airplane out of it.  Now it is fast and vividly aerobatic, and flight times are long.  I set a timer at eight minutes to make sure I do not overdrain the lipo and ruin it.  No reason why you could not put in a 2200 pack, either.

Beware of one thing, though...the way it is set up from the factory, there is way too much elevator throw, and you may kill it on the first flight attempt.  Move the control horn to the innermost hole on the elevator servo horn, and the outermost one on the horn on the elevator, and everything will be fine.

I am still using the included 27mhz radio.  It will occasionally glitch if I point the TX antenna right at the airplane, otherwise, it has been working fine.

I have put a dozen flights in using the 11v lipo and the stock brushed motors, and the motors and ESC are still going strong, so consider that before buying a brushless converson for it.  Power is a non-issue with the stock motors and a lipo batt.
The plane is stable and easy to fly, yet very aerobatic.  I like flying it in low and close, like the real thing.  
All I can say is the plane is better than expected in all respects, much better than the similar GWS offering, and it is well built and a super value for the money.  Great plane to keep in the back of the car and toss around whenever you see an open space.