Nitroplanes FlyModel B-17 Flying Fortress

Nitroplanes FlyModel B-17 Flying Fortress

One of the most interesting models I have ever assembled.  A four engined bomber without a lot of hassle and expense...
First, the good goes togther pretty quickly, and it flies BEAUTIFULLY.  It also looks GREAT in the air.
Second, the bad parts...there are some minor quality control issues, and it's not perfectly scale.

It's mostly nicely-done wood, with a few plastic and fiberglass parts.  The decals were simply awful, and I threw them away.  The QC issues were not enough paint on the upper canopy deck, and complete and total mispainting of the ball turret.  Also, the nose is painted solid, it would really look better with some windows.  The retracts are not in the scale position, but that's something of a plus, as they are very simple and strong to set up.  I used Nitroplanes retracts, and had no problems.
The rest of the equipment...Raiden 1300kv speed 400 motors, Nitroplanes 8x4 props, Raiden 25a escs, T-Pro 4010 servos, one JR retract servo, Spektrum AR7000 receiver, 2 2220 3s packs, one driving the inner motors, the other for the outer.
The motor and esc package is the one offered  by nitroplanes for $160, it's cheap, and works like a charm.
The plane flies just beautifully...I will post more detail if anybody is interested...

If you ever wanted to do a B-17, here is your chance.  Anything else is hideously complicated, or not very scale, or incredibly expensive.  This was my first four engined model, and everything went very well, and people are VERY impressed with it in the air.  And you can't beat the price.  Go for it, it's not too challenging, it's easy enough to get together, and very easy to fly, and the performance is just great.