Nitroplanes ArtTech Su-27 twin EDF jet

Nitroplanes ArtTech Su-27 twin EDF jet

Incredibly complete package.  Includes a simulator disk, a cable to connect the included TX to your computer, five minute epoxy, a screwdriver...EVERYTHING.  Only 8AA batteries are needed to complete it.
Construction takes about thirty minutes, and the instructions are excellent and complete.  Quality of construction is very good, no problems at all.

The decorations and paint job are exceptional, the plane is VERY colorful and attractive.
In the air...takeoffs require about 75 feet.  I don't think it will get off grass, I would not even try it.  It needs a smooth surface like pavement.  I don't think hand launching it over grass without the landing gear would be a problem, but the bottom intakes are a little fragile, I worry about damaging them on landing.  The plane was designed to fly from a runway, so that's where mine is staying.
Power is decent.  In spite of some dumb posts on some interenet sites, it's not a dog at all, it flies just fine on the provided power system.  Top speed is maybe 55mph, pretty typical for a ready to fly foamie jet.  No speed demon, but just fine.  It will loop easily from level flight.  The roll rate is tremendous, you might want to tone it down.  Landings are very, very easy.  All around, it's a very easy plane to fly, a good first jet.

The electronics included have all been fine, including the stock battery, the charger included is great, the receiver is a dual conversion FM type, the transmitter is decent quality.
Good value for the money, a very nice flyer, looks great in the air.  I am very pleased.  
I also saw that some people said that the videos posted online of this plane must have been doctored, that that could not have been a stock power system in the video, etc...

Baloney.  Mine flies just like that.  It flies very well.  Don't beleive all the "experts" who post on the internet and say you have to modify this or that...the plane is very well thought out and flies just fine right out of the box.
You can upgrade it with more power if you like, no problem, but let nobody say the designers did not do their homework, or that the plane cannot fly, as somebody put a lot of time into this model, and it flies very well, and it looks really great in the air, and it's very easy to fly.