Military B-25 Mitchell 52 - 71" Nitro Gas Twin Engine Radio Remote Controlled ARF Plane
  • Military B-25 Mitchell 52 - 71" Nitro Gas Twin Engine Radio Remote Controlled ARF Plane
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The B-25 originated in a request for a twin-engine bomber airplane that could out-perform existing single-engine types.  71.0" wingspan, 55.0" long, 778.0 sq. in. wing area, 9.3 lb. flying weight. Amazing detail, the art of the B-25 Mitchell rc model airplane brought to a new level. All Laser Cut Balsa/Plywood construction. Comes with fuel tanks, landing gears, screws and hardware. The mass balances on the elevator are faithfully reproduced. The aircraft is very high quality, high detail, right down to the gun sights. While a great deal of work has been done (about 90% done), there is still a little assembly for you to do. Included is also a illustrated instruction manual. Flight performance is very good with the .52 engines that we recommend and the plane is easy to fly. Landings are slow and soft.  Five channels are required: (11 servos).

B25 Army Nitro RC Plane

Top quality balsa and plywood contruction.
One of the finest ARF kits on the market
All wood constructions with fiberglass parts
Trimmed and painted cowling by fuel proof paint
Hand iron-on color covering
Comes with all hardware and accessories

Wing span: 71 in / 1800 mm
Wing area: 778 sq in /50.5 sq dm
Flying weight: 9.3lb / 4200g
Fuselage length: 55 in / 1400mm
Engine Required: 4c 0.52 cu in
# Servos Required:  11 servos
Channels: 5 total - Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Throttle, Flaps

(2) .52 (2-stroke); .60 (4-stroke)
Engine Recommended: (2) O.S. FS-70 II Surpass
Radio Recommended: JR 6102 Transmitter w/ JR R700 7 Channel FM Slimline Rx
Servos Required: (11) JR DS811 - Elevator (2), Aileron (2), Rudder (3), Throttle (2), Flaps (2)

Items Needed To Complete

  • 5 Channel Radio w/ 11 Standard High-Torque Servos
  • Two .46 - .52 2-stroke or Two .60 - .70 4-Stroke Glow Engines
  • Eight 24" Servo Extensions
  • Two 36" Servo Extensions
  • Six "Y" Cords
  • 2 Spinners (2 1/2")
  • Fuel Line
  • CA Glue
  • 30-min Epoxy
  • Various Standard Shop Tools
What the Pro says!

Really nice kit, incredible deal for $225.  Flies like a dream on two T-Pro brushless outrunners....

B25 Army Nitro RC Plane

Brief history: The B-25 was the first multi engine bomber designed for the United States' Army Air Corps before the Second World War and made immortal on April 18, 1942, when it became the first United States aircraft to bomb the Japanese mainland.  They were the heaviest aircraft at the time to be flown from a ship at sea. The original design had shoulder-mounted wings and a crew of three in a narrow fuselage. The North American company had never designed a multi-engine bomber before.  The USAAC then decided its new bomber would need a much larger payload -- double the original specifications. North American designers dropped the wing to the aircraft's mid-section, and widened the fuselage so the pilot and co-pilot could sit side-by-side. They also improved the cockpit.

B25 Army Nitro RC Plane

B25 Army Nitro RC Plane

B25 Army Nitro RC Plane

B25 Army Nitro RC Plane

First impressions are important, and at first glance, the B-25J gooks great. The quality of the wood is very good, and the construction is excellent. The Canopy, Superchargers and Air Scoops are all vacu-formed plastic, and the Cowls are made of a good sturdy fiberglass. The overall construction and quality of this airframe is very good.