CMP Marathon 20~24cc AEROBATIC AIRPLANE RADIO CONTROLLED Airplane ( Giant ARF Plane ) CMP-Gas-GiantScale-Marathon20CC
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5.3~5.4 kg
Wing Loading
91~93 dm/2
Naca 0012
Wing Area
58 dm/2
Radio Control
4 Ch 6 Servos
purchase separately
Gas Engine
purchase separately
The CMPro Marathon is a beautifully finished aerobatic airplane with nice and simple construction. It comes pre-covered in an eye-catching design, you don?t even need to spend any time for further decoration since all the complicated painting is finished by the factory.

Featuring all balsa construction (fuselage, wings and tails), the Marathon is light but extremely strong. The epoxy landing gear and polystyrene wheel pants also contribute to minimize the weight but maximum durability.

The Marathon gives superb flying performance because:

  1. Full-aileron design with two separate servo controls, efficiently increases flying speed and makes the plane more responsive.
  2. Approx. 50% elevator in proportion. The elevator also uses two separate servo controls in order to increase thrusts and secure stability, such a design is not commonly used in models with the same size.
  3. Approx. 60% rudder in proportion. The 0.5mm linkage wire gives a direct control of the rudder.

These features greatly enhance extreme performance, such as 3D manoeuvre and hovering.

Assemble the Marathon
Because of the simple and neat construction, the Marathon is very easy to assemble.
Assembly is even fun if you are using a 20cc gas engine since the plane is specially designed for this size of engine.
The fiberglass cowling is also designed for easy gas engine assembly and help reducing heat.

The CMPro Marathon is combination of great looks and superb flying performance. Anyone wish to try precision aerobatics without spending a lot of time for building must not miss this beauty!

Clear PVC canopy to allow light to pass through easily, with pre-finished white trim line.

Designed to give superb performance with gas engine. Provides plenty of room to install servos and etc..

The main wings are to be joined by two alloy tubes. You will find it easy to set up and to carry around!

The kit also features a strong and durable fiberglass landing gear, and a pair of nicely painted wheel pants made from high impact Polystyrene.

The bottom color pattern is simple and clear, which helps greatly with orientation.

Pre-painted fiberglass cowling to give a perfect appearance and help to reduce heat efficiently.

Design of the fuselage is clear and open to give a panoramic view of the construction and to allow easy access for assembly.

All the components are pre-finished including a quality hardware pack. The kit includes all that you need other than radio, engine and adhesives to get to a flying standard.