CMP F6F HellCat 120 - 71" Scale Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control Warbird Airplane CMP-Gas-Hellcat120
  • CMP F6F HellCat 120 - 71" Scale Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control Warbird Airplane CMP-Gas-Hellcat120
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F-6F Hellcat 90 ARF Radio Remote Controlled RC Warbird Airplane!

The Hellcat is a real beauty. Anyone who likes the war birds is bound to love this airplane. The kit includes a fiberglass fuselage, and is painted with in a dark blue and gray scheme.. The wings are built up and covered with Solortex cloth covering and painted. All control surfaces have beveled leading edges and the control horn mounts are preinstalled. The leading edge of the wing is pre-shaped. Completely workable flaps are also built into this kit. This kit can be fitted with either fix landing gear or 90 degree rotating retracts.


Wingspan 70 inches
All built Fiberglass Fuse
Wing Area is 824.6 in
Weight:  10-10.5 lbs
Airfoil:  15% Semi

Recommended engine size:
91-2c    120-4c

Radio Required
5-6 ch 6-7 servos



Just prior to the outbreak of American involvement in World War II, the U.S. Navy, having heard reports of a superb fighter produced by the Japanese, realized that the current Navy fighters, the F4F Wildcat and theF2A Buffalo, were close to, if not already, obsolete. Grumman Aircraft won a contract to produce a fighter that would match the performance of the fighters produced by the Axis powers. The F6F was the result. By January 1943 the Navy was receiving a steady supply of Hellcats, quickly proving the design while pressing the airplanes into service fighting the many sea battles of the Pacific. Although unable the match the Zero’s turning abilities, the Hellcat pilots learned to use the airplane’s greater horsepower, speed, and firepower to win air battles.


Engine Sold Seperately.  Kit Requires assembly.  Can be flight-ready in 3-5 hours

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