Modelbau F86 Sabre Dog Turbine Jet Kit Gas_F86Sabre
  • Modelbau F86 Sabre Dog Turbine Jet Kit Gas_F86Sabre
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Modellbau would introduce the F86D Sabre Dog, it's construction is made up of a composite fuselage and reinforced wood construction for the wings, rudder and elevator's.  The ARF kit is very complete, the items included are Spring Air Red Jet series retracts, dual composite fuel tanks, dual walled stainless steel exhaust pipe, carbon fiber spars for the rudder and elevator, all pushrods clevises and pull-pull cables, velcro for the electronics, pilot figure, custom cut and installed vinyl decals and detachable drop tanks.  This airplane is a must have for anybody's hangar!!! 

Wing Span : 63 in 
Wing Area : 895sq
Flying Weight : 14.5 lb.
Fuselage Length: 68 in
Engine Required : 12lb-18lb. thrust turbine
Recommended Engine : Jetcat P-60 or KingTech K-80 
Radio Required: 8 channels ; Servos: 10

Required Parts for Final Assembly:
1. Turbine with 12lb-18lb thrust
2. TX and RX with a minimum of 8 channels
3. 2- Thin wing metal gear servos with a minimum of 65oz torque for
4. 1- Mini metal gear servo with a minimum of 65 oz of torque for
5. 4- Standard size metal gear servo with at least 125 oz of torque for
aileronʼs and flaps
6. 1- Mini metal gear servo with a minimum of 65 oz of torque for
7. 1- Mini servo for retract valve
8. Electronic Brake Valve or Mechanical Brake valve
9. UAT
10. Kerosene Fuel tank stoppers and Clunks
11.RX battery with a minimum of 2,200 mah 6v
12.MBA Struts Wheels and Brakes

Adhesives Required:
1. Hysol or 15 min epoxy with micro balloons
2. 30 min epoxy
3. Medium CA
4. Zap-A-Dapa GOO or Automotive Goop

***Control Throws and Center of Gravity***
Ailerons- 15mm up
15mm down measured at wing tip
Elevator- 26mm up
26mm down measured at the root
Rudder- 30mm left
30mm right
Flaps- 25mm down for take-off
45mm down for landing measured at wing root
Crow- 12mm up on each Aileron with landing flaps measured at wing tip.
(4mm down Elevator mix)

CG Location- 290mm back from the leading edge measured at the wing

***** All CG measurements are done with a full UAT and Gear Down*****

First Flight
If this is your first turbine powered model we suggest you seek the help of an experienced RC Jet Pilot for the maiden flight of your model. Before starting the turbine, ensure you have all safety equipment in place incase of a fire or other problem. We suggest you do not use take-off flaps on the first flight. The control throws for the airplane are a starting point and can be changed for your desired flight needs. On our flight testing we used about 15% expo on elevator and ailerons. After you get the airplane trimmed we suggest you extended flaps and slow the airplane down to landing speed. On landing do not force the airplane down, just decrease power to idle and hold the airplane off until it gently touches down. Happy Flying!!

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