2.4G Esky Fiberglass AirWolf 3D Brushless RC Helicopter RTF EskyHeli_E512LA-EK4-0050-Combo
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The latest 2.4GHz ESky Honey Bee King Version 3 (FiberGlass AirWolf Edition)  is an third upgrade version of the world famous ESky Honey Bee King RC helicopter series. With totally fresh appearance and new & simple designs for the main rotor and tail rotor systems, the Honey Bee King 3 (FiberGlass AirWolf Edition) increases the stability, powerful and accuracy of the helicopter as well as to give more direct control by the pilot. Include EVERYTHING TO FLY! 

AirWolf Helicopter Come in Honey Bee King 3 Style, Need to Install AirWolf fuselage when purchase.
Required minor drilling when assembling.

6CH 2.4G transmitter(EK2-0406J)

6CH 2.4G Receiver(EK2-0424)
Products Description:
  • 120 degree ECCPM control system
  • Completely assembled and tested at the factory, ready to fly out box!
  • New High-tech 6-channel RC system
  • High performance Heading Lock gyro is Capable of sport flying and 3D aerobatics
  • Digital Sub-Micro servos and Micro Heading Lock gyro offer precise and powerful control
  • Stainless steel flybar, main shaft and tail shaft
  • 400 brushless motor, 25A brushless ESC and 3S 11.1V 1500mAh 20C Li-Po battery deliver incredible power and performance.
  • The new 2.4G remote control system adopts Advanced Spread Spectrum technology and digital FSK (Frequency Shift Key) coding technology. This combined with four digital servos, ensures rapid response, precise control and nimbler movement.
  • Hold Rotation System and Auto Rotation System
  • Tail Belt Drive System
  • High Inertial Main Blade
  • High Efficiency Tail Blade
  • Rear Tail Servo Stan

  • Main blade diameter: 600mm
  • Tail blade diameter: 130mm
  • Length: 550mm
  • Height: 200mm
  • Weight: About 390g
  • Motor gear: 10 teeth
  • Main driven gear: 110 teeth
  • Driven gear ratio: 14:1:4.44
  • Package included :

    AirWolf Helicopter Come in Honey Bee King 3 Style, Need to Install AirWolf fuselage when purchase.
    Required minor drilling when assembling.

  • 1 x ESky Honey Bee King 3 Helicopter Body (FiberGlass AirWolf Edition), All Electronics Installed, Ready-to-Fly
  • 1 x 3800KV Brushless Motor (EK5-0005) NEW!
  • 1 x 25A Brushless speed controller (EK1-0350) NEW!
  • 1 x ESky professional Headlock Gyro (EK2-0704B) NEW!
  • 4 x 7.5g Digital Servo (EK2-0508)
  • 1 x ESky 6-channels 2.4Ghz Transmitter (ET6I) NEW!
  • 1 x ESky 6-channels 2.4Ghz CCPM Receiver (EK2-0424) NEW!
  • 1 x ESky 1500mAh 20C Li-Po Battery (EK1-0183)
  • 1 x 7.4V & 11.2V Li-Polymer Battery Charger (EK2-0851)
  • 1 x 110V AC Switching Adapter


    Fuselage Constructed of Fiberglass for Strength & Rigidity, Pre-Painted, Realistic Canopy, Clear, Scale Windows for Realistic Looks, Fixed Landing Gear for Practicality & Ease of Flight



    Item number EK4-0050
    Size 586*190*118mm
    For Model NO. EK1H-E008/E016/E017

    [Products description]:         
    1.Fully glass fiber material, Can be able to bear impact.       
    2.Be make of roast lacquer, It looks fancy.       
    3.Whole clarity wind window, Cool window screen true and beauty.