New RC Esky D700 3G 6-Channel Collective Pitch Flybarless Receiver-Ready Helicopter RC Remote Control Radio
New RC Esky D700 3G 6-Channel Collective Pitch Flybarless Receiver-Ready Helicopter RC Remote Control Radio
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You are looking at Esky?s newest and latest D700 3G 450 sized 6 channel collective pitch flybarless helicopter. ESky fans will remember the lineage of belt cp helicopters. The D700 is their successor. This all new helicopter boasts loads of new and improved features. Unlike the D700 3D, the D700 3G flybarless version features Esky?s latest head design for flybarless flight. This flybarless system gives the chopper high agility in 3D maneuvers. It even provides slightly longer runtimes because of less rotational mass. It is easier to setup, given you have the correct flybarless system to accommodate this new head design. You?ll also notice that it has less linkages, 2 that go straight to the blade grips instead of the traditional 4-6. This translates into quicker setup times, and less time consuming and costly repairs in the event of a crash. The solid aluminum constructed head is mated to the grips with a broad feathering shaft. The tail shaft is also thicker and more robust. The 120deg swash plate is a mix of composite and aluminum aiding in slop free operation. The chassis frame itself is slimmer and more robust compared to its brother, the Belt CP. The newly redesigned 35amp speed controller has larger cooling fins and a superior capacitor to aid in cool and efficient running. Digital 7.5g servos are smooth and precise allowing accurate control. To finish off the entire new look and feel Esky has presented in their new line helicopters, the manuals now comes on a 1GB SD memory card. Needless to say this whole new lineup is very impressive. The D700 3G is receiver ready. All you need is your radio, transmitter, and a solid flybarless system. The traditional gyro just won?t cut it for a chopper of this caliber.

Technical Specifications:


Height: 215mm

Main Rotor Diameter:725mm

Tail Rotor Diameter:146mm

Pinion Gear:10T

Main Gear:140T

Main Tail Drive Gear:110T

Gear Ratio:14:1:5

Weight: Approximately 674g (with Battery)



2216 Brushless Motor

35A Brushless ESC

7.5g Tail Servo(0.6kg/cm 0.04s/60?)

7.5g Swash Servo(1.2kg/cm 0.08s/60?)*3

1G SD Card

Tool Pack 1 set

Needed to fly:
11.1 V, 2200 mAh, 30C LiPo Battery
2, 3 Cells Battery Charger
***Flybarless System***

Please click here for user manual