CMP Messerschmitt Bf 109F (HAHN) 120 - 73" Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control Airplane (Warbird) CMP-069-Gas-BF109
  • CMP Messerschmitt Bf 109F (HAHN) 120 - 73" Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control Airplane (Warbird) CMP-069-Gas-BF109
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Messerschmitt Bf 109F (HAHN)

For people who admire scale warbirds, the CMPro BF-109 does not fail to impress. Incredible replica model of the legendary Messerschmitt as if you were looking at the real thing The kit features a gorgeous fiberglass fuselage, with decals already applied and pre-painted

5.8~5.9 kg
Wing Loading
103~105 dm/2
Wing Area
56 dm/2
Radio Control
6~7 Ch 9~10 Servos
purchase separately
2 Strok Engine
purchase separately
4 Strok Engine
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What the Pro say...

Simply the best ARF warbird I have ever seen.  

It's a whole new level for CMP.  Quality is top notch.  It goes together quickly, but keep in mind that this is a somewhat complicated airplane with lots of features, so you are not going to get it together in two evenings.
The fuse is fiberglass, prepainted.  It has a tremendous amount of detail.
The tailwheel is in the scale position, rather than just sitting on the rudder post, and it has a neat linkage to connect to the rudder.
There are multiple scale details on the fuse, such as seperately molded fiberglass exhaust stacks, airscoops, belly pan, and a neat belly tank that uses standoffs for better appearance rather than just being stuck to the bottom of the fuse.

The wings are very cool.  There are three servos per wing...flaps, ailerons, and airbrakes.  All servos mount from the bottom with the neat CMP servo mounts with fairings, and all hinging and horns are done with hinge points and horny hinge points for better appearance.  The airbrakes are very cool, one pops up from the bottom and the other from the top, using a clever provided mechanism.
The plane is set up for retracts, and the retract mounts are hardwood and well-secured.  Fixed gear with scale strut covers and gear doors are also included.
The spinner is amazing, about six inch diameter, of scale profile, made just for this model.
The canopy frame is prepainted.
The wingtips have places for lights to be inset, and clear plastic covers are included.
The stabs are airfoiled, and the LE of the elevators is inset into the stabs in a scale manner.
The rudder is built up and fairs neatly into the rudder post.
Soft mounts are included for a glow engine, a neat bonus.
Mine is going to  be electric, with a Monster Power 160 motor and two Maxamps 6s 5000 batteries and a Castle Creations 85 controller.
I am beyond pleased, as a matter of fact, I am floored, by the quality and low price...flight report ASAP...
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BF-109 RC Warbird
BF-109 RC Warbird
BF-109 RC Warbird
BF-109 RC Warbird
BF-109 RC Warbird
BF-109 RC Warbird
Lots of features have been added such as ailerons, flaps and air-brakes to enhance the overall control ability

Tailplane and rudder from quality balsa wood, spray painted in matt finish


Every small detail has been taken care of to make this kit an extremely realistic model

Pre-painted PVC canopy with decals already applied


An additional dummy fuel tank is supplied for some extra frosting

Supplied with a unique 145mm spinner specially designed for the CMPro BF-109

The balsa wing panel is spray painted, accompanied by a PVC wing-tip light cover to give a genuine look
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