Blue Ultra Flying Ultimate BiPE ARF Brushless Electric led Airplane R/C Aerobatic Bi-Plane RC Remote Control Radio
  • Blue Ultra Flying Ultimate BiPE ARF Brushless Electric  led Airplane R/C Aerobatic Bi-Plane RC Remote Control Radio
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Ultimate ARF Electric BiPe - Flies as Good as it Looks!

You don't have to get up close to be able to tell that this electric ARF Ultimate Bipe is filled with great details and made out of balsa wood— and you may find it hard to believe it only took a few hours to have it looking this good. And that’s the point: NitroModels has perfected the art of balsa construction to where any R/C pilot can have a stunning sport/scale replica of the popular Ultimate Bipe for their very own.

NitroModels Electric Ultimate Bipe will drop jaws everywhere it goes because the plane looks good from the top of its top all the way to the tail-end!

But looks are only part of the story. Performance is equally important — and this baby delivers aerobatics every bit as impressive as a glow powered model. 
It is designed to maximize in brushless performance and will let you push the limits almost anytime and anywhere!

The NitroModels Ultimate BiPe is easily powered by an 400T Brushless Motor.

Recommended set up with Brushless 450 Motor, 35A ESC, 2S-3S 2100mAh, regular size Futaba receiver and 4~9 gram servos. Ready to fly weight less battery at ~28 to 30 oz.

***450 Brushless Motor is ideal for 3D park flyers 15- to 25-ounce and scale park flyers 20- to 30-ounces using 2S - 3S 1200–2100mAh Li-Po battery packs. *** Find upgrades here!

What the Pro says!

The Ultimate Bipe from is a beautifully constructed high quality plane. As an RTF kit is goes together very quickly and everything to put the plane together is supplied with the kit. All you need to do is pick your favorite brushless out runner motor, esc, and 4 9 gram servo's. The Ultimate comes in Purple, Yellow, Red, or Blue. It's your choice they are are great! If you go to the you'll see a video of it in action. So if your looking for a great smaller sized bipe this is a great choice and it helps keep cost down when it will fly on a 3S 1300 to 2100 mAH. Take a look you won't be disapointed.


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Electric Ultimate Biplane

Electric Ultimate Biplane

Electric Ultimate Biplane

A blue Ultimate BiPe is also available separately. Or you can use an airbrush to create your own one-of-a-kind Ultimate Bipe. But however you decorate it, you’ll have a great-looking, great-flying airplane you can be proud of.

Electric Ultimate Biplane

The Ultimate ARF features a 3D body and airfoiled wing giving it a rigidity and aerodynamic advantage over the "shock flyer" type designs. The ultimate simply flies much better than simple 2D flat designs.

Scale ARF Electric Warbirds R/C Model Airplane
Built and painted and it's a magnificent
Scale model more nearly ready to fly than most others,
New state of the art in highly detailed balsa skin ARF's!
4-Channel whole wood construction model!
Exact scale airplane to every detail!

Ultimate Specifications

  • Wingspan: 30 in (760 mm)

  • Wing Area: 292 sq in (19.0 dm²)

  • Weight: 1.1 lb / 17-19 oz (480-550 g)

  • Length: 31 in (780 mm)


4-6 channel radio w/4 servos, brushless 25 Amp ESC, 3-Series Lithium-Polymer battery pack 11.1v 1300-1800 Mah, Li-Po compatible charger, Outrunner 400T Brushless Motor, 9"x5" or 9"x6" Propeller

Electric Ultimate Biplane