Art Tech Fokker 4 Channel Tri-Plane Warbird RC Plane RTF 2.4Ghz RC Remote Control Radio
  • Art Tech Fokker 4 Channel Tri-Plane Warbird RC Plane RTF 2.4Ghz RC Remote Control Radio
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The Red Baronís Fokker Tri Plane is an Iconic German fighter from World War I. Known for its extreme agility and handling characteristics it helped the Red Baron earn his title of Ace Fighter Pilot. The first things youíll notice about a tri-plane is that its ability to change direction quickly. The planes nimble, quick, and responsive characteristics allow it to perform a variety of wicked maneuvers. The best way to describe this plane is that it is fun after the first few frightening moments when your getting used to how a tri-plane handles. Once you overcome that threshold its tons of fun!

The ArtTech 400 class Fokker Dr.1 is an awesome representation of the Red Baronís fighter plane. Constructed of EPO foam it is light and durable and possesses rich details. A chrome plated radial engine is molded to the front of the cowl resembling the full scale beauty. Scale landing gears feature period correct wheels that give off the antique look. The power plant is a strong brushless outrunner motor supported by a 20A brushless electronic speed controller. A 11.1v 600mah battery powers the electronics and a removable hatch allows for quick and easy changes. A scale pilot sits in the cockpit starring down the sights of a replica MG14 machine gun. The pilot even has a fashionable scarf that whips in the wind!

The ready to fly version comes with all the mentioned electronics pre-installed in the airframe. Minimum assembly is required which allows the pilot to get the plane up in the air in a short amount of time.

-  Wingspan: 640mm/25.2in
-  Length: 534mm/21in
-  Height: 280mm/11in
-  Propeller: 8◊6
-  Weight (Without battery): 378g/13.3 oz
-  Flying Weight (with battery): 480g/17 oz

-  R/C System: EFLY-4BⅡ 2.4GHz
-  Motor: Out runner brushless DST-1200 
-  ESC: 20A brushless
-  Battery: 11.1V,600mAh
-  Servo: 9g◊2,3.6g◊2

Required to Fly:
AA Batteries for Transmitter
Li-Po Battery Charger