ArtTech P-51 Mustang RTF

ArtTech P-51 Mustang RTF

Every single thing is included in the box except 8 aa batteries for the transmitter.  Even a simulator disk and a cable to connect the TX to your PC.
Even a spare scale four bladed prop.
Even good quality English instructions.
Even a screwdriver for the six screws that are needed for assembly.
No glue is required.
It took 20 minutes to put the whole thing together, including the extra detail stickers they included...


The provided 4ch 72mhz radio has worked perfectly, though you could switch it out for Spektrum if you wanted.   The lipo charger and 1300mah lipo work perfectly, too.


At the field, the plane is a tremendous flyer.  The first flight required only a few clicks of up trim, then I proceeded to do every possible four channel maneuver in the book...stall turns, rolls, loops, cuban 8s, spins, snaps, touch and goes, whatever.  It will to it all.  It has plenty of power.  I took it up to speck height and dove it straight down, and pulled out very hard, nothing fell off, so the airframe can take anything you throw at it, strenght-wise.  It's very maneuverable, and very stable, and would be a great first warbird, or a great plane for the more experienced pilot to keep in the back of the car and throw around any place you see a field.  THe landing gear comes off in two seconds with no tools, and the plane is very easy to hand launch and belly in over grass.
Construction quality is superb, everything fit, everythign was well made, and nothing has broken in a dozen flights, and the plane has no bad habits.  I love it.