Airfield 6 Channel Sonic Piercer 90mm EDF Jet Plane Ready to Fly 1171mm Wing Span (Red) RC Remote Control Radio
  • Airfield 6 Channel  Sonic Piercer 90mm EDF Jet Plane Ready to Fly  1171mm Wing Span (Red) RC Remote Control Radio
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Airfield accelerates the electric ducted fan jet plane to new heights with its new Sonic Piercer 90mm jet. This new Piercer is a 46 inch winged plane with a fuselage that stretches 50 inches in length. Its fuselage is designed around a powerful ChargeSun 90mm electric ducted fan unit driven by a screaming high output brushless motor and supported by a 100amp brushless electronic speed controller. Airfield applied its foam engineering expertise and developed efficient intake and exhaust ducting allowing this potent combo to produce large amounts of thrust when powered with a 6 cell lithium polymer battery. The result is a electric ducted fan jet plane with exhilarating performance and blistering speed. The tone of this particular design full song is a beautiful thing.
The Sonic Piercer possesses a level of fit and finish that is every bit as impressive as its performance. Quality EPO foam construction allows the entire skin of the plane to be smooth and slick. The sleek fuselage comes with decals pre-installed making build time much faster. The wings are semi symmetrical and have winglets designed into the tips for extra stability in banked turns.
Airfield knows how to create a desirable 90mm jet. The Piercer is packed with features any seasoned pilot would want to see a jet of this caliber possess. The plane contains a working rudder to get that nose up during moderate to slow speed turns. Main wings are reinforced with two boxed carbon spars that span across the bottom of wings for strength and rigidity. The wings are also removable via screws and plates allowing ease of transportation. Retractable landing gears are seamlessly integrated into the wing and bottom of the nose to reduce drag. Retract doors seal the front retract allowing optimum aerodynamic performance at full speed. These retracts are no twigs either, the fully CNC machined retracts feature spring loaded shafts allowing the system to dampen its landings. The retract base mounts are also fully reinforced through to the top of the wing for extra strength. Built in flaps are also integrated into this plane giving this 90mm jet the ability to slow down in the air for smooth cruising and it also comes in handy for smooth landings.
The control surfaces are delegated by digital servos for precise control. The Piercer also has a steerable nose wheel to make airstrip maneuvers easy and convenient. Other features that make this plane easy to work on are a removable hatch giving access to all servos and the large battery compartment. The ducted fan unit also has a built in removable hatch allowing quick and easy access, should the fan unit need to be serviced.
This ready to fly version comes with all the electronics pre-installed from the factory. You will need to assemble the plane and check all controls. You will also need a charger capable of charging 6 cell lithium polymer batteries along with batteries for the transmitter.

Wing span: 1171mm (46.1in)
Length: 1270 mm (50in)
Flying weight: 2300g (81.12 oz)
Transmitter: 6CH 2.4ghz
Servo: 4*9g metal, 7*9g,
Motor: Out runner Brushless Motor
ESC: 100A Brushless ESC
Battery: 22.2v(6s) 3700mAh battery
Fan Unit: 90mm ChargeSun 12blades EDF
Reatracts: CNC Electric Retracts with Delay System

Required to Fly:
AA Batteries for Transmitter
Assembly of Plane
Charger for Lithium Battery
Build Materials (Epoxy Glue, Hobby Knife, Measuring device, etc)

Airfield Sonic Piercer EDF Jet 95A90 Spare Parts
Left Tail Wing (Red) 95A90-05-TailWingLeft-Red
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Left Tail Wing (Blue) 95A90-05-TailWingLeft-Blue
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Motor 95A90-14-Motor

Suspension Landing Gear 95A90-16-SuspensionLandingGear
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Electronic Retract 95A90-17-ElectronicRetract
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9G Servo 95A90-11-9GServo

9g Metal Servo 95A90-12-9GMetalServo
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HobbyWing Sky Walker 100A-Opto ESC 95A90-13-ESC
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Fixed Parts 95A90-19-FixedParts

Vertical Tail (Red) 95A90-04-VerticalTail-Red
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Vertical Tail (Blue) 95A90-04-VerticalTail-Blue
Out of stock
Tail Wing Right (Red) 95A90-06-TailWingRight-Red
Out of stock
Tail Wing Right (Blue) 95A90-06-TailWingRight-Blue
Out of stock
Linkage 95A90-18-Linkage
Out of stock
Supporting Rod 558mm 95A90-20-SupportingRod-558mm
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Supporting Rod 160mm 95A90-22-SupportingRod-160mm
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Left Main Wing (Red) 95A90-02-MainWingLeft-Red
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Left Main Wing (Blue) 95A90-02-MainWingLeft-Blue
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Right Main Wing (Red) 95A90-03-MainWingRight-Red
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Right Main Wing (Blue) 95A90-03-MainWingRight-Blue
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Fuselage (Blue) 95A90-01-Fuselage-Blue
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Decal Sickers (Red) 95A90-21-DecalStickers-Red
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Decal Sickers (Blue) 95A90-21-DecalStickers-Blue
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Fuselage (Red) 95A90-01-Fuselage-Red
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Canopy 95A90-07-Canopy
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