Airfield Blazer RC 4 Channel Trainer Plane Ready to Fly RTF 1280mm Wingspan RC Remote Control Radio 95A283-Blazer-Blue-RTF-24G
  • Airfield Blazer RC 4 Channel Trainer Plane Ready to Fly RTF 1280mm Wingspan RC Remote Control Radio 95A283-Blazer-Blue-RTF-24G
Item Code: 95A283-Blazer-Blue-RTF-24G

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The Airfield Blazer is the perfect trainer plane; it can be considered the best trainer we have seen to date. The plane design allows it to have forgiving flight characteristics and predictable flight personality. The high wing format allows the plane to utilize a shorter landing distance and offers superior stability over low winged counterparts. The plane is constructed of tough EPO foam which provides strength and durability even after minor mishaps during landings. Large wing surfaces allow smooth gliding performance while oversized control surfaces provide stronger control authority.

One really awesome feature about the Airfield Blazer is the dual wing choices included in the package. One set of wings has a flat profile allowing for livelier sport flying. The other set of wings has slight dihedral and air foiled wing tips that allows for precision slow speed flying and exceptional stall characteristics. This feature allows the plane to be configured and tuned to suit different skill levels of flight. The wings can be swapped out in a matter of minutes. No gluing or rubber bands required, the wings are held on by a clever designed quick release system. With a twist of a latch the main wings are free and you are ready to plug in the other set of wings. Not only do the main wings have the feature of quick release but the rear horizontal and vertical stabilizers are held on by magnets that allow for quick removal and easy transportation of the plane. The bottom of the fuselage features a quick access battery compartment to permit quick battery changes. A robust aluminum landing gear will take the abuse from novice pilots learning to land the craft. The hard compound foam wheels can also be easily upgraded to larger wheels for grassland takeoff and landings. The nose wheel is steerable allowing the plane to maneuver in tight spaces.

Not only does this plane have all sorts of awesome features, the power department is strong and efficient. A 750KV motor and a 30 amp brushless speed controller fueled by a 11.1v 2200mah li-po battery provide more than enough power to take off in short distances.

This Airfield Blazer is ready to fly with all the electronics pre installed from the factory. A 2.4ghz radio system allows for interference free signal transmission and precise control of the plane. Slight assembly of the wings and control surfaces are required to ready this plane for flight. Finished off with a beautiful patriotic red, white, and blue scheme the plane will looks amazing in flight or taxing on the runway.

Wing Span: (1)Trainer version: 1280mm/50.40in;
(2) Sport version: 1200mm/47.25in
Length: 942mm/37.09in
Weight: 1152g
Thrust rate: 1:1

Motor:  Outrunner Brushless  3511 KV750
Battery: LI-PO 11.1V,2200mAh 20C
ESC: 30A Brushless Outrunner ESC
Servo: 9g*4
R/C System: 2.4Ghz 4ch E401 radio

Required to Fly:
AA Batteries for the Transmitter
Assembly of plane
Lipo charger:1pc

Airfield Blazer 95A283 Spare Parts
Main Wing Trainer (Blue) 95A283-01-MainWing-Trainer-Blue
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Main Wing Sport (Blue) 95A283-02-MainWing-Sport-Blue
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Vertical Wing (Blue) 95A283-03-VerticalWing-Blue
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Cowling 95A283-04-Cowling
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Propeller 95A283-05-Propeller

Fuselage (Blue) 95A283-06-Fuselage-Blue
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Horizontal Wing (Blue) 95A283-07-HorizontalWing-Blue
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Main Wing Parts 95A283-08-MainWingsPart
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Landing Gear 95A283-09-LandingGear

Spinner 95A283-10-Spinner
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Connecting Kit 95A283-11-ConnectingKit

Servo-150mm 95A283-12-Servo-150mm

Screw Package 95A283-13-ScrewPackage

Connecting Plate 95A283-14-ConnectingPlate

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95A283-15-9g Servo-400mm
Motor 95A283-16-Motor
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Accessories Bag 95A283-22-AccessoryBag