Nitro Model 4 Channel MX2 3D Aerobatic 30CC Gas Plane Kit 1860mm Wingspan (Red) RC Remote Control Radio
Nitro Model 4 Channel MX2 3D Aerobatic 30CC Gas Plane Kit 1860mm Wingspan (Red) RC Remote Control Radio
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The MX2 is a low wing cantilever monoplane with full span ailerons and a conventional landing gear with a tail wheel. It was originally based on the Giles -202 aerobatic trainer aircraft. It is a fairly new plane and was built in the last decade. It has an enclosed cockpit for two in tandem on reclining seats and a single piece canopy. The plane is optimized for aerobatic speed and agility. Pilots have recorded the MX2 pulling a G-load of around 12G. The planes construction allows extremely tight turns and loops and a range of aerobatic maneuvers.

Nitro Model has designed a beautiful MX2 with full aerobatic characteristics. Inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are possible with this aircraft. The square profile of the wing combined with its light wing loading allows the plane to perform any 3D maneuver you can throw at it. It can also perform these maneuvers at low or high speeds. In addition to wild 3D maneuvers, you will find it excels at precisions flight. These dynamic handling characteristics are thanks to a carefully engineered airframe construction. The chassis and airframe are constructed of quality balsa and ply and stretches approximately 67.5 inches in length. The main wings are reinforced with an aluminum spar and stretches 73 inches wide. The main wings are rigid and allow the MX2 to perform at its fullest capability. The cowl is molded of fiberglass to give the MX2 its iconic front end. The canopy is removable to access the electronics and battery/fuel compartment. Below the fuselage you will find a stout landing gear constructed of aluminum for light weight and strength.

With its cutting edge and innovative modern design, the MX2 excels in precise 3D flight. This plane is absolutely made for precision flying and has lots of potential for the pilot to advance their skills. The MX2 captures the attention of everyone who sees it up the air. Finished with a beautiful monocoque skin, this plane will look beautiful in the sky or taxing on the runway. The package comes with detailed assembly instructions so you can quickly get your new plane up in the sky. You are sure to be impressed with its build quality and ease of assembly.

The Nitro Model MX2 is a kit plane requiring the builder to acquire their electronics and power system of their choice. We recommend standard size high torque and high speed servos. A 30CC engine is also required as a power plant. A radio system with at least 4 channels is also recommended to complete the build.

Wingspan: 73 (1860mm)
Fuselage Length: 67.5 (1720mm)
Wing Area: 1022 sq. in (65.9 dm2)
Flying Weight: 9.7 11lbs (4400-5000g)

Required to Fly:
Build Materials
Assembly of Plane
Propellar and Spinner
Engine Required: 30 cc gasoline engine
5-6 Standard Size Servos
4-6 Channel Radio System