Senorita Electric Trainer Plane Version 2 Kit 4 Channel RC Remote Control Radio
Senorita Electric Trainer Plane Version 2 Kit 4 Channel RC Remote Control Radio
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The Seniorita is a 63in wingspan high winged plane built to fly and behave like an excellent trainer. It is fully catered to be built with an electric power plant and includes the hardware you will need to complete that mission. This model is the version 2.0 which means there are enhancements from the last model. No need to worry about the wooden dowel that was equipped on the V1 as the wing spar. The V2 Seniorita comes with a solid billet aluminum wing spar that guarantees flex free, stable, and rigid wing loading. The fuselage is constructed from quality balsa, while the beautifully formed fiberglass cowl caps off the front of the plane. The Seniorita is amazing in how gently it responds to inputs from the pilot. This can be further tuned in your transmitter however it is already gentle to begin with. The huge high mount wing delivers light wing loading which results in a very slow approach on landings allowing the pilot time to think and negotiate proper landing techniques. The model also has very good stall characteristics, it simply falls forwards and recovers smoothly. The Seniorita is a very forgiving plane in flight. When a minor mistake is made, it recovers smoothly and continues to glide. All these features make it highly desirable for beginner to experienced pilots. It is also a good platform to develop kit building skills and enhance piloting proficiency.

Wing span: 63 in / 1600 mm
Wing area: 750 sq in / 48.7 sq dm
Flying weight: 4.6 lb / 2100 g
Fuselage length: 52 in / 1320 mm

Required to complete build:
Engine required: 2stroke 0.46 Nitro or Equivalent Brushless Motor
Transmitter and Receiver
4 Servos