AEO Brushless Converter
AEO Brushless Converter
Item Code: 88E-AEBC500-Converter

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Working Temperature Range: -20? to 50?
Weight: 2.1grams
Dimension: 23x 13x 4.5mm
Brushed PWM Input: Less than 10V, PWM frequency auto detection
Signal Output: 5V Pulse, pulse width range 1-2mS, 1.5mS mid-point 
Power Supply: 5V, +/-10%, from BEC of the brushless ESC



Many modelers prefer to use brushless power system on their models to achieve higher efficiency and more powerful setup compare to the conventional brushed power system. Due to the consideration of cost, many Ready-to-Fly/ Ready-to-Run kits are supplied with all-in-one system, which may have receiver, brushed motor speed controller (ESC), gyro and signal-mixing board integrated in one piece device, such as the 4-in-1 board on LAMA helicopter and some RC racing toy boats. The all-in-one board becomes a challenge for those modelers who wish to upgrade their existing brushed motor system. The brushless converter is the product to solve this problem. This product is ONLY suitable with single-direction brushed system, which could NOT be applied on reversible brushed system.

How to Use:

The connection of the brushless converter is straight-forward. Disconnect the existing brushed motor from the brushed ESC on the model. Connect the two pin connector of the brushless converter to the output port of the existing brushed ESC, which is connected to the brushed motor previously. Ensure the polarity of the connection, red color pin connects to positive and the black color pin connects to negative. Replace the brushed motor with a suitable brushless motor (not supplied together with the brushless converter), and connect the brushless motor to a brushless ESC (not included). The brushless ESC must be a BEC integrated and the maximum current capability should not be less than the maximum current-draw of the converted system. Connect the 3-pin signal connector of the brushless ESC to the brushless converter according to the pin assignment as per shown in above figure. Connect the power input connecter of brushless ESC to the battery, and parallel the original all-in-one board power input wire with it. Refer to below figure for details. The battery and the all-in-one board in below figure are the items already came with the model. The brushless converter, brushless ESC and brushless motor are the items should not be included in the model and need to be purchased separately, expect the brushless converter you should already own when you read this manual.

Double check the wire connection, ensure all polarities are correct. Ensure the throttle stick to minimum and power up the system by connecting the battery. The LED on the brushless converter should be consistent lit without blinking. Throttle up the motor on the transmitter, the LED should blinks until maximum throttle is reached. At the same time, the brushless motor should start running and reaching the maximum RPM. The LED will stay continues lit when the throttle is cut-off. The LED should stay consistent lit if no PWM signal is sensed from the brush ESC, in both stop and full power status. If the LED does not lit at all, means no 5 volts power is supplied to the brushless converter, which supposes to be delivered from the 3-pin signal connector of the brushless ESC. Check the connection of the brushless ESC and the BEC system.