Top RC Hobby Racer Kingdowin KDW280 FPV Racing Drone Quad RTF Ready to Fly (Blue)
  • Top RC Hobby Racer Kingdowin KDW280 FPV Racing Drone Quad RTF Ready to Fly (Blue)
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Top RC is proud to introduce a new 280 class FPV racing quadcopter dubbed the ?Kingdowin KDW280.? This ultimate racing machine is a quadcopter drone designed to deliver fast, stable and agile maneuverability, allowing it to compete on any extreme drone racing course.

Carbon composite materials are used to construct the frame providing high structural integrity. Every single part of the KDW280 frame is aerodynamically designed and specially structured to help maintain stable straight-line, fast, and predictable flight maneuvers. The tubular carbon arms brace the 2300KV motors on all 4 corners providing rigid no flex support. The highly integrated all in one circuit board gives extra stability and handling to the KDW280, featuring the SP Racing F3 flight controller, 6 axis gyroscope, barometer sensor, 4x ESC, and OSD resulting in highly stable and reliable performance. This enables the quad to fly at a high rate of speed zipping past your competition! The built in OSD module will give you crucial information such as your pitch, altitude, flight time, flight mode, battery voltage, and amp draw.

The Kingdowin KDW280 is housed in a durable sleek composite plastic race body shell system which delivers aerodynamic efficiency and reduces the overall coefficient of drag. The body shell also protects the electronics and camera system from adverse weather conditions or even your opponents rotors in case of race contact. The shell installs and opens up securely via a clam shell type of operation and clips together with an audible click - no tools required. The included 14.8v 1300mah battery is mounted securely in the center of the chassis and has movement range for larger or smaller batteries to achieve perfect center of gravity.

The KDW280 can be flown with either a 3S or 4S batteries. With a 3S 1500mAh 30C battery you should get around 10-12 minutes of flight time. With a 4S 1300mAh 30C you can expect 8-10 minutes of flight.

Upon opening the top shell you are greeted with a Sony Class CCD Camera. Out of the box you are able to record flight footage onto an micro SD card. FPV capable flight is achieved using the onboard transmitter (included) when mated to a FPV receiver system (not included). Clear and stable FPV video feeds help the pilot maintain better control of the quadcopter during a race. To provide a stable video feed, the KDW280 camera mount is mounted to a rigid system which allows the pilot to tilt for maximum viewing angle. The unique one-piece camera mount and damping system work together to isolate vibration from the FPV camera, providing a clear view for the pilot.

Compatible with Fat Shark and most FPV screen/goggles on the market.
With the adjustable angle and high-definition camera, a complete and detailed picture will be presented. Live flight data displaying flight time,altitude,voltage,capacity,current,camera mode and low voltage warning after connecting. The transmitter system is compatible with FatShark and other popular mainstream FPV systems utilizing the 5.8ghz frequency systems shown in chart below:

The Kingdowin KDW280 connects with the pilot with enhanced lighting features. The machine is equipped with a plethora of LED lights along with directional sequenced LED light pulsing. This means when you yaw left or right the LED lights on each leg will pulse corresponding to your directional controls. When you pitch forward or back the green LED arrow on the front or two stripes on the rear bottom of the chassis will also pulse correspond to your controls. The LED lights on front and rear motors are also color coordinated red and green for enhanced pilot and machine orientation assist. Additionally, at the back of the quad you will find 2 more LED lights which act as taillights that also follow this pilot intuitive connective flashing. Experience a new sensation of pilot and machine connectivity with pulsing lights.

The Kingdowin KDW280 body shell is also available in three bright colors: blue, orange, and green. This race ready drone is ready to fly out of the box fully assembled with a 6 channel Kingdowin Radio. You will need a lithium battery charger capable of charging a 14.8v 1300mah battery to complete the setup.

Three flight modes are preset for beginners, intermediate and advanced pilots.

Rotor Distance280MM
Size: 250*200*70mm(L*W*H)
Flight Time6~8 minutes
Flying Weight: 590g (with battery)
Frame Weight: 480g
Propeller: 4pcs*6040

Motor: 4pcs*2204-2300KV
ESC: 4 in 1 20A Brushless ESC
Battery:4S 1300mAh 30C Li-Po(L*W*H: 78*34*26mm(?1.0mm))
Radio System: 2.4GHZ,6CH Radio ,6CH Receiver
Transmitter Battery: 4*AA batteries(Not included)
Flight Controller: SP Racing F3
Operating temperature: -10℃~+40℃

Image transition:
Operating power 200Mw
Operating frequency: 5.645GHz~5.945GHz
Operating voltage: 9V
Working channel: 32CH
Channel selective type: DIP
Antenna terminal type: SMA

Image device: 1/4 Sony super had CCD
Resolution: 1092x1080
Focal Distance: 2.8
Lens: 152deg F2.0
Transmittal Speed: 60fps/NTSC
White Balance: Automatic
Other Function: Video recording
Storage: 32G Micro SD (32GB MAX)
Operating Power: 9V


Required to Fly:
Lithium Battery Charger

Top RC Hobby KDW280 Spare Parts
shell set( yellow)
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shell set( green)
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shell set(blue)
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shell set(black)
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1080P Camera set

F3 Flight controller(w/o OSD )

PCB for F3 flight controller( 4 in 1 20A ESCí^
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Mushroom antenna

extension wire for Image transmitter

power switch
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LED light(red)

LED light(green)

Propeller set(P)
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Propeller set(R)
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5.8G image transmitter(25MW)

Airframe fixing board
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Motor arm set
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Connection wire set

Battery(14.8V,1300mah )
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