Dynam E-Razor 450 Flybarless Metal 2.4ghz Ready to Fly RC 6 Channel Helicopter (Yellow) RC Remote Control Radio
Dynam E-Razor 450 Flybarless Metal 2.4ghz Ready to Fly RC 6 Channel Helicopter (Yellow) RC Remote Control Radio
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The Dynam E-RAZOR Flybarless 450 brushless powered radio control helicopter is a fully capable 3D aerobatic collective pitch helicopter with a belt driven tail. This metal version E-Razor 450 helicopter has a rigid aluminum main head and tail system along with an aluminum swashplate and tail boom finished in a beautiful gunmetal color. The rigid composite main frame houses and protects the electronics and servo systems. The E-RAZOR 450 flybarless helicopter is powered with a 40amp brushless electronic speed controller and matched to a 2700kv brushless motor. Dynam's 3 axis flight control system provides 6 degrees of freedom utilizing a inertia controlled stability system to enhance the flight experience and allow this helicopter to be stable and responsive. This model is constructed and prepared with components that will handle sport to extreme 3D flight.

The flybarless system provides many advantages over a traditional flybar or balance bar system. A flybarless system has no cyclic slop. It provides instant cyclic response from the servos due to less linkages and a direct link to the main blade grips from the swashplate. This results in improved response time and enhanced flight characteristics. A traditional flybar acts as the mechanical gyro for the swashplates aileron and elevator movements and would resist motion as any gyroscope would. Dynam's 3 axis flight control system utilizes its electronically controlled gyro system to monitor elevator, aileron, and rudder movements. This makes the helicopter much more stable. Another advantage to the flybarless system is less components in the head assembly. This means reduced drag effectively enhancing the efficiency of the motor and esc along with flight time, lighter weight, and reduced maintenance and repair costs in the event of a crash.

All components of this E-Razor 450 are pre-installed and partially set-up at the factory to provide a ready to fly state out of the box with a Dynam 2.4ghz radio system. The pilot only needs to make fine adjustments and tune it to their flying ability.


  • Ready to fly out of the box for the amateur or in stunt flight mode it?s 3D capable right out of the box.
  • Aluminum CNC head design from swash plate to blade grips offering a slop free, precise control system that will provide solid performance.
  • Dynam 3 Axis flybarless flight control system with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Powerful brushless system featuring 2700KV motor and 40amp speed controller
  • Simple and compact frame offering a rigid and easy to maintain core of the machine
  • Efficient single stage reduction direct-belt-drive offering efficient and constant drive.
  • Uncomplicated main frame and servo layout offers easy access for maintenance and repair.
  • The main shaft is supported through bearing blocks in the frame providing a secure and stiff set up.
  • Composite main blades provides less flex and consistent performance.
  • Beautifully finished pre-painted fiberglass canopy.

Type: RTF Electric CCPM 3D Helicopter
Transmitter:6CH 2.4ghz
Main rotor diameter:28.3in (720mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 5.3in (135mm)
Gross Weight: RTF with Li-Po battery(750g)
Battery: 11.1V 2200MAH 20C Li-Polymer
Motor: Brushless 2700KV
ESC: 40A
Servo: 9g*4pcs
Control mode: 120-Degree CCPM system

Required to Fly:
AA Batteries for the Transmitter
Transmitter and helicopter fine tuning and trimming before flight

Please click here for User's Manual and Software (10MB)
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