AirWing Whisperwind 4 Channel RC Airplane Glider EPO KIT (Blue) RC Remote Control Radio
  • AirWing Whisperwind 4 Channel RC Airplane Glider EPO KIT (Blue) RC Remote Control Radio
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The AirWing Whisperwind is an excellent glider for the pilot looking to soar the skies all day on a single charge! With a wingspan of 67 inches the Whisperwind will sail the skies for hours as long as you keep it soaring in the thermals. Take it to the cliffs or a beach and enjoy the graceful nature of gliding.? Equipped with a brushless outrunner motor and electronic speed controller, this glider does not need to be towed. Toss it in the air and power away with authority. The props fold in when off power to give it that extra aerodynamic advantage for less drag and more lift. When the wind calms down or the thermals diminish the power setup is enough to help you find that next soaring session. If you do happen to smack the side of the cliff or have a bad landing, the EPO construction ensures less damage to the airframe. The removable canopy gives you quick and easy access to your receiver and battery changes. The single wheel under the belly of the fuselage serves as a landing gear. This AirWing Whisperwind is a very capable glider in an awesome kit package. Install the power and radio system that is required and get this beauty soaring in the air.

Wingspan: 1700mm (66.9in)
Length: 1070mm (42.1in)
Wing Area: 25.7 dm2
Wing Loading: 31.5 g/dm2

Required to Fly:
AA Batteries for Transmitter
Battery: 11.1v 1300mah Li-Po Battery
Control System: 2.4ghz Multifunctional Transmitter
Drive System: 2830 Outrunner Brushless Motor Pusher
ESC: Brushless 20A Electronic Speed Controller
Servo: 4* Micro 9g Servo

Center of Gravity
50mm from the leading edge of wing