2.4Ghz Exceed RC LEGEND 450SE RTF Remote Control 3D Helicopter 100% Ready to Fly
2.4Ghz Exceed RC LEGEND 450SE RTF Remote Control 3D Helicopter 100% Ready to Fly
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The Exceed RC 2.4GHz 450 SE RTF is a fully loaded version 2.4GHz 3D RC helicopter, 100% built, Ready-to-Fly!  Light and fast, this new machine from Exceed RC has everything you ever wanted.  The 2.4 GHz 450 SE RTF Helicopter is an advanced RC helicopter designed with the most updated current technology available and produced with the highest quality. While most parts are compatible with the world's most popular 450 size electric helicopter such as the T-REX450, the Exceed RC 2.4 GHz 450 SE RTF is designed with the best features available while eliminating all the weak points from the current T-REX SE.  All the hardware is high A-Grade with all hex screws supplied and high quality Germany-imported bearings.

What is 2.4Ghz Technology?
New 2.4G Spread Spectrum technology allows the transmitter and receiver to be 'locked-on' to the same frequency ensuring much improved reliability and peace of mind when flying. Second, 2.4 Gigahertz systems offers quicker, more responsive control, when compared to a standard frequency system. Third, Operating at 2.4 Gigahertz also puts the radio control out of the frequency range of any 'noise' caed by the other electronic components on your helicopter - such as the motor, speed controller and any metal to metal noise - eliminating interference and glitching that can affect traditional frequency system. Fourth, another main characteristic of 2.4 Gigahertz equipment from a RC model club’s point of view is that no frequency control is needed. Eliminating the need to check everyone else's channel numbers, prior to flying. No more worries about turning up at a club with the wrong crystal in your Tx.

The Exceed-RC 2.4GHz SE RTF uses a combination of tough, lightweight aluminum and updated composite parts and is designed and equipped to be capable of the most extreme 3D maneuvers . And since it's 95% assembled, you can have it flying in just a few hours.

We are also proud to offer this magnificent model as 3D capable right out of the box. Combining the knowledge of RC nitro collective precision along with the most advanced micro electric design concepts, we have arrived at a model that excels prepared to wipe out the competition. The Exceed-RC 2.4GHz SE RTF offers collective pitch control that will let helicopter pilots to fly in almost any direction. Transitioning from forward flight to hover with smooth, solid control is a cinch and negative pitch is a breeze for aerobatics like loops and rolls.

The installed mixing board controls mixing of the main and tail rotors. The board also contains speed controls, a external gyro for tail stabilizing and a BEC circuit that supplies power to the receiver and servos
Expect only the best as you experience tight, precise control and quick response as the
Exceed-RC 2.4GHz SE RTF will dazzle you with agility and speed. Using the basics of micro electric design to keep components light and durable while distributing heat away from electronic, the Exceed-RC 2.4GHz SE RTF is not only precise, but also efficient. When you combine precision and efficiency and add beauty, you will arrive at the Exceed-RC 2.4GHz SE RTF: The Ultimate Super Electric Helicopter


  • 100% Ready-to-Fly 6 Channel 2.4GHz R/C Set included, complete Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Up/Down & Pitch Control (RUDDER, AILERON, ELEVATOR, Pitch AND THROTTLE)

  • High rigidity/Strong tail boom

  • High Quality A-Graded 325mm Wooden Blades

  • Upgraded Powerful Alpha Brushless Motor 3500KV

  • Volcano 30A Electronic Speed Controllers

  • Professional Head-Lock Gyro

  • New longer 3K battery mounting plate connects to main frame. It makes the center of gravity closed to rotor blade, and can adjust the center of gravity according to the weight of battery, it reduces the correction when the heli rolling.

  • Rotor head for precision and smooth movements.

  • Tail rotor

  • Use 35pcs precision bearing.

  • Great stable and sensitive mixing lever design! Can display the great stability and precision for 3D flight.

  • Special adjustable pitch system, hold rotation system, tail rotor drive belt system! It is a work of great originality for helicopter!

  • Using new Main rotor holder with thrust bearing and 4mm Feathering shaft, features smooth rotation and stability under high rotation speed.

  • Using Ball and Hiller two systems mixing control. Through simple structure of Ball control system, power-saving of Hiller system and CCPM control, can simultaneously control 3 servo for AILE, EVLE, PIT 3 actions. This  control system is great for 3D flying control and extending life cycle of servos.

  • New c.g. amended tail blades feature streamlined and quick, make the gyro more efficient.

  • Tail rotor control set with dual bearing, features control piece and smooth structure design, get smooth pitch travel.

  • Providing fly bar weight- When normal flying, you can add the weights on fly bar paddles for stable flight. When aerobatic flying, you don't need to add the weight, but you can see the flexibility of 3D actions.

  • Tail pulley assembly and tail holder are using high rigid aluminum alloy, features wear resistant and falling resistance.

  • New gear ratio(4.24:1), suitable for the motor with higher KV, provide more safety.

  • Using new high strength ball links and stainless steel linkage balls on the whole unit, feature wear resistance, anti-oxidization.