AeroSky RC Cap 6 Channel Aerobatic ARF Wingspan 750mm RC Plane (Red) RC Remote Control Radio
  • AeroSky RC Cap 6 Channel Aerobatic  ARF Wingspan 750mm RC Plane (Red) RC Remote Control Radio
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The CAP 232 is widely known as a very capable sport aerobatic plane. The CAP 23X series of planes has been around since the mid 80’s and have proven to be a favorite among competition pilots. The Cap 232 has been touted to be a very “snappy” plane. This feature is related to the relationship between the main wings and the horizontal stabilizer. The main wing sits low while the horizontal stabilizer and elevator sit above and behind it. This allows the elevator to sit away from the turbulence created from the main wings and ailerons. This translates to better high and low speed elevator authority making high alpha maneuvers an absolute joy to perform. Some other favorable handling traits include stable low speed performance and gentle stall characteristics. Torque rolls, snap rolls, and hovers are outstanding on this plane. It feels very predictable and smooth bringing confidence to the pilot. Best of all it won’t take months to build. This almost ready to fly version comes with the power system and control surface electronics installed. A transmitter and radio of your choice along with an 11.1v li-po battery with minimum assembly is required to get this 3D performing machine into the air.

Length: 25 9/10” (655mm)
Wing Span: 29 3/5” (750mm)
Flying Weight: 15 9/10oz (450g)
Propeller: 7.9*6 inches

Servo: 4 9gram Servos
Motor: Out-Runner Brushless 1500KV
ESC: 30Amp Brushless ESC

Required to Fly:
AA Batteries for Transmitter
Assembly of Plane
6 channel Transmitter
6 channel Receiver
Charger: 3S Balance Charger
Battery: 11.1v 950mah 25c Li-Po