AeroSky RC RC Delta FPV WING Flying UAV/OSD with GPS and Ready to Fly RC Remote Control Radio
  • AeroSky RC RC Delta FPV WING Flying UAV/OSD with GPS and Ready to Fly RC Remote Control Radio
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The AeroSky FPV Wing is the newest addition to Aerosky's fleet of planes. The delta wing design handles exceptionally well in low and high speeds delivering predictable handling qualities, excellent stability and lots of wing area to cope with additional loads for FPV use.

The AeroSky FPV Wing is constructed of tough EPO foam and finished with beautiful blue and black graphics. A molded in forward looking camera bay just under the nose houses a Sony CCD 600 TVL camera which provides excellent aerial field of view and surveillance capability.  An 880kv out-runner motor and 40amp sky walker speed controller give this plane exceptional power to weight ratio, while digital servos provide precise controls. 3K wrapped carbon tube increases structural rigidity in the wing and are designed into the plane that allows it to break down into three pieces for easy transport. 

The AeroSky autopilot controller and GPS system delivers a whole new flight experience. With the assistance of GPS the FPV wing is fully capable of returning to its starting point on auto pilot. The self stabilization mode acts like a gyro and allows the plane to fly extremely smooth and stable. Tired of flying the plane and just want to focus on your mounted FPV system? Utilize the altitude hold function and allow the aircraft to hold a specific altitude so you can focus on aerial surveillance.

The FPV Wing package comes with a monitor, camera, transmitter, receiver, and accessories that  will outperform some of the other more costly systems out there. The 5.8GHz system transmits without interference problems associated with common household 2.4 GHz wireless and model radio control systems. The 200mW 5.8 GHz transmitter and receiver are capable of broadcasting your video wirelessly where many others transmitters can't. A small receiver comes with two video outputs. It will accept two video displays or one video display and a video recorder simultaneously.

With an average flight time of 25-40 minutes, The FPV wing is capable of covering a large amount of area in a very small timeframe.

FPV Wing Specifications:

FPV Wing Features:
Autopilot system +on screen display 2in1
Current and voltage sensors
uBlx 6m GPS External Antenna
5.8G 1000mw FPV Video transmitter (5km)
5.8G  FPV Video Receiver
5.8G circular polarized antenna
Mushroom Antenna
Sony CCD 600 TVL Camera
7-inch Monitor
CNC screen mounting bracket
2.4G 6ch transmitter
Motor 3536 880kv motor
9x6 propeller
9g servos x2

FPV Wing Specifications:
Laser (UAV FPV system)
Wing span: 1550mm(61in)
Length: 683 mm(26.88in)
Flying weight: 900g(31.74 oz)
Transmitter: 6CH
Servo: 2*9g
Motor: 3536-KV1200 Powerful Out runner Brushless Motor
ESC: 40A Brushless ESC
Prop Size: 9 inches propeller
Battery: 11.1v(3s) 3000-6000mAh battery

Average flight time: 25 min-40min
Payload capacity: 1.3kg
Maximum speed: 90 kmh
Minimum speed: 15 kmh

FPV Electronics Specifications:

5.8Ghz Transmitter Specifications:
Transmission frequency: 5725-5865MHz; Eight channels
Transmission power: 23dBm/200mW
Transmission distance: >2000m
Frequency control: Built-in frequency PLL
AV Input: Direct input video signals
Power supply voltage: 6.5-15V
Power supply current: 200mA
Outsize: 55*26*17mm
5.8Ghz Receiver Specifications:
Receive frequency: 5725-5865MHz; Eight Channels
Receiving sensitivity: -90dBm
Frequency control: Built-in frequency PLL
Dual AV output: Direct output video signals
The antenna interface: SMA(The needle)
Power supply voltage: 6.5-15V
Power supply current: 150mA
Outsize: 61*52*13mm , Aluminum alloy shell
Mount: CNC machined mount will attach monitor to JR/Spektrum and Futaba TX
Rate: 800*480
The screen size: 154mm(width)*87mm(height) 
Aspect ratio: 4:3 / 16:9(can choose switch by yourself) 
Contrast: 350:1
Power: 12V
General consumption power: Around 6W
Size: 174mm(length)*114mm(width)* 23mm(height)
DSP: Next chip 2040
Resolution: 600TVL High Resolution
CCD: Sony Image Sensor
D-WDR: Digital Wide Dynamic Range
Pixel: PAL:762(H) X 504(V)
Formats: PAL
Work voltage: DC8.5V-DC18V
Work current: DC12V 50mA
Work temperature: -10 - +60 C

Required to Fly:
Battery for On Screen Display Monitor (7.4v-11.1v Lithium Battery with JST Connector)
Charger for 11.1v 3000mah Lipo Plane Battery
AA Batteries for Transmitter (6)

AeroSky Delta 05A30 Spare Parts
Propeller for Delta 05A30-05

SpareParts for Delta 05A30-06

FPV transmitter for Delta 05A30-09

FPV receiver for Delta 05A30-10

CNC hinge for Delta 05A30-12

Motor for Delta 05A30-13

HobbyWing Sky Walker 40A-UBEC ESC for Delta 05A30-14

Monitor set for Delta 05A30-11

Right Main wing for Delta 05A30-02

Left Main wing for Delta 05A30-01

Fuselage for Delta 05A30-03
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Vertical wing for Delta 05A30-04

Decale for Delta 05A30-07