Tech One Trainer King 4 Channel KIT Airplane RC Remote Control Radio
  • Tech One Trainer King 4 Channel KIT Airplane RC Remote Control Radio
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The Tech One Trainer King is the perfect beginner plane for novice pilots to learn on. Constructed out of durable and lightweight EPP foam, this high winged plane is an excellent platform to learn basic flying skills. The plane is docile and stable but punch the throttle and it is also versatile enough to do loops and rolls. The trainer king is equipped with 4 channel control which gives the pilot throttle, aileron, elevator, and rudder control. The main wings span 44 inches in length and are attached with thick rubber bands for easy removal and transportation. The large landing gear is also very robust, strong enough to take multiple hard landings.

This Tech One Trainer King is an KIT package. In usual Tech One KIT fashion, all the hardware for aileron, elevator and rudder control is included. You will have to install your own electronics into the plane and ensure proper function, as well as complete build of the plane.

Fuselage length: 950mm (37.4in )
Wingspan: 1118mm (44in.)
Flying Weight:600-650g (with battery)

Required to Fly:
Radio System
11.1v 1300-1800mah Lithium Battery
Li-Po Charger
Motor: AS2216 KV 880
ESC: 30 Amp 
Propeller: 10x7 or 10x5 SF 
Servo: 8-9g micro servo*4pcs