TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue) RC Remote Control Radio 1230mm wingspan
  • TechOne Saturn 4 Channel RC EPO ARF (Blue) RC Remote Control Radio 1230mm wingspan
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The TechOne Hobby Saturn is a excellent trainer for beginners. You can do route flight training, inverted flight, rolls, rolling loop and many other maneuvers to enhance your piloting skills. Constructed of durable EPO foam, the Saturn is resilient to light crashes when your practicing your precise landing skills. The 1200mm wingspan ensures good lift and wind resistance. The landing gear design is constructed of stronger and thicker materials to ensure stability and strength while taking off and sketchy landings. The front wheel is steer able to allow the pilot to taxi the runway and perform range checks before taking off. Another feature that makes this plane user friendly is the location of the battery compartment. It is located underside the fuselage allowing quick battery changes, unlike other trainers in the market where the pilot has to remove the main wings to access the battery compartment. The removable wings and stabilizers allow this plane to be easily transported in various types of vehicles. Whatís even better is that most of the electronics are assembled from the factory making build to flying time quick and easy!

Product Specifications:
Fuselage length: 980mm (38.6in.)
Wingspan: 1230mm (48.4in)
Flying Weight: 920-1000g (with battery)
motor:  AS2216 KV880 Brushless Outrunner
ESC: 30 Amp
Propeller: GWS SF 1070 prop
Servo: 8-10g micro servo * 4pcs

1. 1230mm wingspan ensures its good wind resistance. And itís also easy to carry.
2. 3-point landing gear design and stronger & thicker materials used on landing gear sets ensure the stability and durability while taking off and landing. And the front wheel is synchronous coupled with rudder; itís flexible to control take-off.
3. Removable horizontal stabilizer makes it easy to carry.
4. The battery compartment which is in the belly of fuselage used a simple and reliable latch; you can easily replace the battery.
5. AS2216 motor from T Motor offers powerful supply when flying.
6. All complicated assembly steps are finished in our factory, you donít need to spend much time in assembly before enjoy the flying.  

Required to Fly:
4 Channel Receiver
4 Channel Transmitter
11.1v 3S 1500mah Ė 2200mah Li-Po Battery
LiPo Battery charger capable of 3 cell charging.

Tech One Saturn Spare Parts
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