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CMP Mitsubishi A6M5 52 Zero Fighter 120 - 71" Scale Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control Warbird Airplane
  • CMP Mitsubishi A6M5 52 Zero Fighter 120 - 71" Scale Nitro Gas Radio Remote Control Warbird Airplane
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Japan's Mitsubishi A6M5 "Zero" dogfighter is a great scale airplane for anyone who likes scale flying. The kit includes a fiberglass fuselage and cowling. The wings are made by balsa and covered by solartex. All covered surfaces are done in solartex cloth covering and then the whole airplane is airbrushed. All control surfaces have beveled leading edges and the control horn mounts are preinstalled. The wing is complete with CA hinges. The leading edge of the wing is pre-shaped. The kit includes full color decals.


It is among the preeminent aircraft of aviation history. Designed in 1937, the Zero set new standards for air-to-air superiority and wreaked havoc first on Chinese and then on American opponents. In this slim history, Yoshimura (Build the Musashi, 1992) presents the Japanese view of how the Zero ruled the skies for much of World War II, these superb fighter planes became obsolete. Early sections of the narrative are heavy on the technology. There is much here that is poignant, though, such as the description of a skilled test pilot mysteriously slipping out of his parachute harness after safely ejecting from a prototype aircraft that exploded in midair. Yoshimura fascinates when recounting how the U.S. ignored early warnings about the Zero from American pilot Claire Chennault, who encountered the remarkable dogfighter while flying for China. He also manages to impart suspense to the oft-told tale of Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which occurred three years to the day before an earthquake ravaged the Nagoya Aircraft Works, where the Zeros were built an event that, here, presages not only the end of the war but also the close of Yoshimura's knowledgeable history.



In World War II, The Zero was superbly agile and was well armed making it a formidable fighter. It was little known to the allies prior to Pearl Harbour although once encountered it was soon well respected. Not particularly effective at high altitude it did however have a very good range that made allied commanders think Japan had more Zeros than they did.

Most trainers have 60-inch wing. This one has 70.8-inch. Bigger wing and bigger wing area helps give a more stable flight. 1 degree wing dihedral gives a good balance flight stability and agility. All the hardware are included (servo wire, fuel tank, wheel/landing gear, etc). You only need to seperately purchase the nitro engine and radio system. Designed as a sturdy, inexpensive trainer plane that will help you get started with R/C flight.

Wing Span: 1800mm(70.8")
Weight: 4800g~5000g
Length: 1525mm (60")
Wing Area: 57dm sq.
Wing Loading: 84~87g/dm sq.
Airfoil: Naca-2415
Engines: 2c~108 4c~120
Radio: 4~5 channel 5~6 servos
Fiberglass Fuselage
Balsa Construction

Novice Advanced Beginners Competent Proficient Expert


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