Silver DragonFly 6-Channel 3D Aerobatic Radio Controlled Electric R/C Helicopter RTF
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Realistic looks. Ready-to-fly simplicity. Long flight times. A compact, "fly anywhere" size. With these advantages and more, the 6-channel RotorFly Helicopter gives both new and experienced pilots reason to cheer. Soft, gradual control response and stable hovering characteristics also make it one of the easiest R/C helicopters to fly!

RotorFly RC Helicopter

A high-tech way to helicopter success!

RotorFly RC Helicopter

  • Fully assembled and equipped ?only eight "AA" batteries required.
  • The gyro helps maintain proper orientation automatically and is factory-installed as a single unit with the electronic speed control to conserve space and weight.
  • Includes a 370-size motor for the main rotor and N20 motor for the tail rotor.
  • Pre-built 300 size Eagle 50 Mini RC Helicopter, zero assembly time, Ready to fly out of the box
  • 6-channel FM 72 Mhz multifunctional transmitter with 3D conversion. PIT and PLT adjusting knob
  • CCPM mode. 3D conversion and alterable pitch system
  • 4-in-1 receiver unit (electronic gyro, mixer, motor controller, receiver)
  • Highly efficient tail motor with elaborate structure
  • Computer Simulation Cable included (Computer simulation software not included)
  • English User Manual

RotorFly RC Helicopter

Advanced component configuration design provides perfect balance High Performace Tail motor provides precise control
Standard metal head block provides solid and smooth control CCPM mode. 3D conversion and alterable pitch system
Main Rotor Diameter:
550 MM 22 inch
Tail Rotor Diameter:
150 MM 6 inch
Overall Length:
580 MM 23 inch
Overall Height:
180 MM 7 inch
All-up Weight:
540g (battery included) 19 ounce
Ni-MH 9.6V 650mAh
370 carbon brush motor
3 x 7.6g
Pitch Control:
Rubber, alieron, elevator and throttle, CCPM mode, 3D conversion and alterable pitch system
Radio System:
6 Channel FM 72Mhz, include a pair of interchangeable crystal
Quick 110V wall charger
Computer Simulation:
Serial simulation cable (software not included)

RotorFly RC Helicopter

RotorFly RC Helicopter

RotorFly RC Helicopter

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