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90mm- LEDF90-1A16- Motor(1660kv)/ 6S(1"Y" connector free).-New 6S 90MM fan
90mm- LEDF90-1A16- Motor(1660kv)/ 6S(1"Y" connector free).-New 6S 90MM fan
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Motor(kv): 1660kv
Battery power: 6s
Current(A): 85A @ 10s
Thrust up to: 3.0kg
 ESC(Timing): Low
 Weight(total): 540g
 Diameter: 94mm
 Length(EDF):  62mm
 Rotor size:  90mm

Outside Diameter: 94mm
Rotor Diameter: 90mm 5 Blade
Material: ABS & Special Aluminum
Weight: 540g (Whole Unit With Motor)
Motor: 3674/1,600Kv (Included)
Max Power: 1,900W
Battery Required: 22.2V 3700 - 4500mAh
Static Thrust:
Around 2,700g ( ESC Timing Mode : Low ) Around 3,000g ( ESC Timing Mode: High )
Current: 72A - 85A

Model no. Rotor size Batt Power weight
kv  Current Thrust
Up to
Diameter Length
LEDF90-1A16 90mm 6s 538g 138g 30g 370g 1700kv 72A 3.0kg 94mm 62mmm Low
85A Low
LEDF90-2A17 90mm 6s 556g 156g 30g 370g 1700kv 70A 3.0kg 94mm 62mmm Low
78A high
LEDF90-3A12 90mm 8s 563g 163g 30g 370g 1280kv 55A 3.2kg 94mm 62mmm Low
65A high
LEDF76-1A18 76mm 6s 391g 93g 28g 270g 1800kv 55A 2.2kg 80mm 57mm Low
60A Low
LEDF68-1A21 68mm 6s 242g 74g 18g 150g 2185kv 29A 1.6kg 72mm 57mm High
31.5A High
34.5A High
LEDF68-1A23 6s 267g 74g 18g 175g 2399kv 37A 1.70kg High
40A High
42A High
LEDF68-1A35 4s 242g 74g 18g 150g   52A 1.45kg Low
3575kv 55A Low
  48A Low
LEDF68-1A39 4s 198g 74g 16g 108g 3900kv 45A 1.25kg Low
3s 35A High
LEDF68-1A43 3s 242g 74g 18g 150g 4370kv 50A 1.35kg Low
58A Low
62A Low
LEDF64-1A39 64mm 3s 180g 55g 17g 108g 3900kv 31A 1.17kg 67mm 40mm High
34A High
45A High
LEDF120-1A83 120mm 12s 1010g 320g 110g 580g 830kv 85A 6.0kg 125mm 85mm LOW

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