P-82 Twin Mustang 40 - 70.5" Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC Warbird Plane Almost-Ready-to-Fly w/ Set of Retracts
  • P-82 Twin Mustang 40 - 70.5" Nitro Gas Radio Remote Controlled RC Warbird Plane Almost-Ready-to-Fly <font color=blue>w/ Set of Retracts</font>
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.40-.52 Nitro Planes


NitroModels is always known for selling high quality models at an affordable price and our latest P-82 Twin Mustang is no difference! A 90-percent complete, precision-built kit, the NitroModels P-82 Twin Mustang combines innovation with quality craftsmanship in an easily assembled ARF that is a must-have in any modeler's collection. It doubles the excitement of an American aviation classic and promises to thrill you with its performance just as it does in its conception.


Twin Mustang Airplane

Wing Span: 70.5 in / 1790 mm
Wing Area: 736 sq in / 47.5 sq dm
Flying Weight: 9.5 lbs / 4300 g
Fuselage Length: 48.0 in / 1220 mm

The P-82 is designed to be powered by two .32 to .40ci 2-strokes or two .40ci 4strokes.

Radio Required 6-channel radio w/ 8 standard servos and 1 retract servo
Engine Required 2 x 2-stroke 0.40

Quick Review from Curtis Mattikow
The P-82 was an excellent quality kit to put together, went very fast, and fits were great.  It's very light.  To convert the P-82 to electric, you will need:
2 x Monster Power 46 outrunner
2 x T-Pro 70A ESC
2 x Exceed Fusion Power 4000mah 5s batteries
The conversion is very easy, you just need to make up some plywood box mounts for the motors.  Use a few degrees of downthrust.  Install the batteries onto velcro atop the wing center section, about as far back in the fuselages as you can get them.  The CG and control throws stated in the manual are perfect.  Make some small hatches in the sides of the fuselages to access the battery connectors.
You can make the outer wing panels removeable by gluing the plywood joiners into the outer panels, then shimming the remaining stubs for a tight fit into the center section, then securing them with a couple of screws from the bottom of the wing center section into the stub spars.  With removeable outer panels, the plane is very easy to transport.  You will need either a seperate pack for the receiver or a BEC, the ESCs do not have BECs built in, and there are too many servos for most BECs anyway.
This power system is very inexpensive, yet provides outstanding performance, easily equivalent to two 46 sized glow engines.  You will not be dissapointed.
Two 3 1/4" P-51 style spinners from CMP fit perfectly, and a couple of Nitroplanes jet style pilots, trimmed down slightly, trim things out nicely.
It's a very quick buildup, and retracts are included for free, and it flies up a storm.  Looks great in the air.

Twin Mustang Airplane

Twin Mustang Airplane

Twin Mustang Airplane

Twin Mustang Airplane

Twin Mustang Airplane

Once the standard long-range, high-altitude escort fighter for the U.S. Air Force, the North American P-82 Twin Mustang was the climactic development of a long series of the famous World War II P-51 Mustang series. A radical departure from the conventional single-fuselage airplane, the Twin Mustang is  formed by two fuselages joined by the wing and the horizontal stabilizer.

Twin Mustang Airplane

WHAT'S IN THE BOX It is apparent when you open the that this a well--made "kit." Each of the major pieces is enclosed in a separate plastic bag. The fuselages are constructed of balsa and lite-ply and come fully sheeted, the wing and elevator are built up and the tail feathers, except for the elevator, are solid sheet balsa. The entire plane is nicely covered with colored aluminum coating.

Twin Mustang Airplane

This kit includes almost everything you need except the engines, props and radio equipments.

Twin Mustang Airplane

The NitroModels P-82 Twin Mustang is a well-made ARF kit that is easy to assemble and looks awesome when completed. If you are looking for a rather unusual "twin" but don't want to spend a lot of time building one from scratch, this plane may be just what you're looking for. This baby will guarantee you plenty of attention at the flying field!

Twin Mustang Airplane

Twin Mustang Airplane


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