Pitts Special BiPlane ARF Electric Radio Remote Controlled Airplane
  • Pitts Special BiPlane ARF Electric Radio Remote Controlled Airplane
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This Electric Pitts Special ARF kit is a laser cut kit with a reputation for good design, ease of construction, and excellent flying characteristics.  The Pitts Special is the world's leading high performance aerobatic aircraft. In the USA the Pitts Special has won more unlimited-class aerobatic contests than any other aircraft type. Some pilots think about flying airplanes almost every day. They make imaginary flights while driving their car or even at their desk. And sometimes imagining can seem better than actually flying. But never in a Pitts! It's an experience that's almost impossible to describe. You think "turn" and you turn. You think "roll" and you roll. Turn it over and it flies just as if it were right side up. Even after several hundred flights, each flight is an exhilarating, awesome experience. So if anyone ever asks you to go for a ride, be prepared to be infected with an incurable passion. Because there is nothing, absolutely nothing that flies like a Pitts.

Electric Pitts RC Plane

Scale ARF Electric Warbirds R/C Model Airplane
Built and painted and it's a magnificent
Scale model more nearly ready to fly than most others,
New state of the art in highly detailed balsa skin ARF's!
4-Channel whole wood construction model!
Exact scale airplane to every detail!

Electric Pitts RC Plane

Plane Specs:
Wing Span: 31 in / 780mm Wing Area: 139 sq in / 9sq dm
Flying Weight : 23 oz / 650 g Fuselage Length : 30in/765 mm
Center of Gravity: 32mm from the LE on the top wing at the fuselage

User Requirement & Recommendations :
4 channels radio w/ 4 mini servos
Fold prep: APC: 9X5 ; 9X6SF
Li-Poly : 11.1V 1300-1800mAh
Brushless Motor Speed 400 Gearbox:5:1/ 6:1
Motor Speed: 400 Gearbox: 5:1 / 6:1
Out runner brushless motor 400T or 400F

Electric Pitts RC Plane

Electric Pitts RC Plane

Electric Pitts RC Plane

Novice Advanced Beginners Competent Proficient Expert

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